Animal Communication Workshop
Sunday, Aug. 10th 2014 11:29 AM

32150_418290138252856_2133130750_nThe Deepening – An In-Person Animal Communication Workshop
September 20 & 21, 2014
Saturday and Sunday
10:00am to 5:00pm

Asheville, North Carolina

This workshop is ideal for anyone who wishes to deepen and broaden their intuitive abilities for animal communication as well as in all aspects of life. Relax and connect in this small, supportive group environment where you will have the opportunity to: deepen your animal communication knowledge and experience; explore a deeper spiritual connection with nature; learn to strengthen and trust your intuitive flow and expand your receptivity; travel to realms often unnoticed by humans; enhance your awareness and communion with all life and enjoy the beauty of this soulful connection.

We will do exercises, meditations, and discussions designed to help you become more grounded and centered; open your heart and deepen your connections; broaden your receptive channels; increase your telepathic abilities and awareness of animals and nature; feel energies as well as enhance your knowing of the information, guidance and telepathic messagess that you receive.

Next workshop is September 20 & 21 in Asheville, NC. Please contact me at 828-337-4686 or

Animal communication is a beautiful way to deepen your understanding of your animal companions and to enhance your relationship with one another. Explore and enjoy the journey of this amazing connection.

For more information about additional workshop offerings including: Basic Level Animal Communication, Tele-classes which you can attend from the comfort of your own home, Animal Communication monthly practice sessions, one-on-one Mentoring sessions, or Journey with Animals workshops, please visit the Workshop page on my website:

For more information about Animal Communication consultations, Reiki healing energy sessions, Soul Journeys and more, please visit my website at:

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Animal Communication Tip – Communicate The Behavior You Want
Saturday, Jun. 8th 2013 5:33 AM

dog sitting

When you communicate with your animal companions, it is important to communicate the desired behavior and not phrase or project the negative.

Animals pick up on the energy of our communications as much as they do our words and imagery. So when you communicate a message to your animal companion, relay your message in a positive manner and align your emotions with what you are communicating.

Here’s an example. If you would like your dog to greet a guest respectfully, say: “Sally is visiting today and I would like you to greet her in a friendly and gentle manner”. Visualize in your mind that your dog greets Sally calmly and then transmit that image to your dog. This message is a lot different than feeling frustrated and saying: “Don’t jump on Sally when she visits today.” What your dog will ‘hear’ from the latter message is ‘Jump on Sally when she visits today” because the mind does not register the word “don’t”.

Clear and loving communication lays the foundation for a successful experience for you and your animal companion.



You’ll Love This – Man Helps Rescue Ducklings
Friday, May. 17th 2013 10:27 AM

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 10_05_08Check out this sweet short video of a man helping to rescue a family of ducklings:

It’s a great feel-good story.

Animal Companion Visits In The Hospital
Saturday, Apr. 20th 2013 1:01 PM

therapy-dog-is-pet-by-an-elderly-man-in-a-wheelchair-and-a-younger-woman-horizontal-shotAs an animal lover, you already know the healing power of having your animal companion near you when you are not feeling well. There is a growing awareness among the medical community that the presence of animal companions assists people in accelerating their healing process. Some hospitals and convalescent homes allow service dogs to visit people during their stay and while this can be very comforting for folks, in addition to uplifting spirits, a visit from one’s own animal companion can be even more healing.

The following article offers some interesting information.

Here are some additional tips:

(1)  Inquire. Find out if a hospital has a policy about animal companion visitations.

(2) Be persistent. Don’t assume a “No” is the final answer. Speak with the doctor in charge, the hospital administrator, or other persons charged with decision making authority.

(3) Be informed. If the hospital you are dealing with is resistant to the idea, cite other hospitals that have an animal visitation policy in place (see the article referenced above). Be informed about such policies so that you can clearly and convincingly articulate a positive position on the issue. Hospital personnel may be focused on issues such as liability. Be educated on the issue so that you can respond and address their concerns and demonstrate why the benefits outweigh any potential concerns.

(4) Enlist Support. Contact local animal welfare organizations, your vet, or individuals who are actively involved with therapy dogs and ask for their assistance and support. The old adage that it is not what you know but who you know may prove to be very helpful in this situation.

(3) Be an advocate. You can make a difference. Passion and enthusiasm can go a long way in changing the status quo on any issue. Maintain an enthusiastic, respectful and persistent position. Your efforts may make a world of difference in many people’s lives.


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The Brilliant And Colorful World Inside Raindrops
Friday, Mar. 15th 2013 1:03 PM

On the cusp of Spring, I thought I’d share these neat photos with you.

Look inside each raindrop. Aren’t these incredible?

Ah! The wonder and magic of nature.

Hope these beauties add some inspiration to your day.




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