Need Help Thinking Outside of the Box? Just Ask a Cat!

10/14/11 5:06 PM

If you’re reading my blog, chances are you’re one of those wonderful people on this planet who thinks outside of the box. If ever you need help with that, just ask a cat! They usually know exactly what to do with a box.

My Merlin is always showing me new ways to laugh and live. His latest amusement is to wake me up before dawn to go outside. He’s a lovely alarm clock. However, we have not navigated a way to “set” him for a more convenient time, for me that is. Yet he is such a joy in my life and I treasure all of his adorable antics.

Today felt like a good day to just share some light humor. I hope these adorable photos bring a smile to your face.

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4 Comments on “Need Help Thinking Outside of the Box? Just Ask a Cat!”

  1. BB Says:

    He is just too adorable!! He makes the box look good!

  2. Rain Says:

    Glad you enjoyed the post Barb! ;-)

  3. Indrani Says: the cat who is my teacher…this is really cool…i need to show this to folks at work, who preach out of the box thinking …

  4. Rain Says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing, Indrani.

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