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Rain and her animal companion Syra, 2008

Learn about the joy of animal communication and how this can deepen your relationship with your beloved animal companions. Watch Rain’s video interview about communicating with animals and how this can affect your life in a positive way. Your animals want to communicate with you and connecting with them is easier than you think!

Hello and Welcome!

Please enjoy exploring my website and learning more about animal communication, intuitive counseling and soul journeys, Reiki, and mentoring. This work is my joy and passion and I look forward to assisting you and your animal companions.

Animal Communication: Have you ever wondered what your animal companion was trying to tell you? A consultation can help you understand your animal and enhance your relationship. Learn more.

Intuitive Counseling and Soul Journey: Offering intuitive sessions for people seeking support on their life path and healing journey. Learn more.

Reiki: Experience the powerful and gentle healing energy of Reiki for yourself or your animal companion. Learn more.

Mentoring Sessions Deepen your intuitive abilities and learn to communicate with your animal companions through personalized mentoring sessions. Learn more.