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What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication, or interspecies telepathic communication, is the process of communicating telepathically with animals. Telepathy is the ability to transmit and receive messages through thoughts, feelings, images, emotions, sensations, sounds, etc. All beings have the ability to telepathically communicate with one another. One example of telepathic communication that you may be familiar with is when you are thinking about a friend who then suddenly calls. You have connected with one another on an energetic, telepathic level.

The role of an animal communicator is to be a translator who receives and transmits messages between you and your animals facilitating two-way communication. Animal communication consultations are for anyone who would like to deepen their understanding of their animal companions.

There are times when animals become stressed and they adopt behaviors that people find confusing or undesirable. An animal communication consultation offers people and their animal companions the opportunity to understand one another’s points of view and consider different options and ways of working with each other.

Watch Rain’s video interview about animal communication

When an animal becomes ill, a consultation provides an opportunity to inquire into quality of life questions and ask what options an animal is willing to consider, thereby assisting people with decision making. Animals give us the experience of relationships defined by unconditional love and loyalty. Recognizing the spiritual essence of animals and respecting them as fellow sentient beings is important in fostering a harmonious relationship.

Animal communication allows you to expand your awareness and connection with your animal friends thereby increasing the richness of your relationship and enhancing the bond you share.

Reasons to Consider a Consultation

  • Receive clarity about your animal’s feelings and thoughts; gain insight into their viewpoint, needs, desires and concerns.
  • Communicate a message, pose questions and get direct answers.
  • Address and resolve behavior concerns.
  • Understand dynamics and create harmony in multi-animal households.
  • Explore your animal’s perspective on health issues and therapies.
  • Comfort during transitions; help animals recover from trauma and fear.
  • Assist a rescued or adopted animal adjust to a new home.
  • Receive death, dying, and grief support.
  • Connect with an animal that has transitioned from the physical to the spiritual realm.
  • Access the greater spiritual reasons that your animal companion chose to be here with you.
  • Enhance your human/animal bond.

Species Rain Communicates With

I communicate with all species. The telepathic connection can be made with any domesticated or wild animal: mammals, birds, reptiles—any species.

Preparing for a Consultation

Consultations are done over the phone. Since the nature of the work is telepathic, it is not necessary to meet face-to-face, nor is it necessary for you to be with your animal at the time of the consultation. Most people have specific questions about the well-being or behavior of their animal companion prior to scheduling a consultation and you may find it helpful to have questions prepared in advance. Having pen and paper available to jot down notes during the appointment is recommended. The best way for you to prepare for this consultation is to approach it with an open mind and heart.

What to Expect During a Consultation

An animal communication consultation is a conduit for the open flow of information between the human and animal clients. My role, as an animal communicator, is to receive and transmit information between your animal companion and you in ways that each of you can understand. You will be able to ask questions, address concerns, request clarification about your animal’s behavior, emotional and physical well being, or address other inquiries. Reciprocally, your animal will be able to communicate their needs, desires and concerns as well as express their thoughts and emotions about situations and relationships.

Our consultation will begin with me making the telepathic connection with your animal and providing you with any initial information they would like to share. We will then address your questions. I will provide you with the responses and information coming through from your animal along with any other guidance that may become available during the consultation. I enjoy connecting deeply on a heart and soul level with animals and people and a consultation is an opportunity to explore the spiritual connection with your animal if you choose.

Clients have said that my approach is direct and gentle and that I deliver accurate, heartfelt information in a clear and compassionate manner providing guidance and insights. Clients have experienced greater understanding of their animal companions, resolution of concerns, feelings of acceptance, relief and peace, and most of all a deeper connection and bond with their beloved animals, and often times themselves. To read a selection of client comments, please see What Clients Say page.

Scheduling a Consultation

Consultations are done over the phone. For new clients, we will have an initial conversation together prior to scheduling a consultation appointment so that I can answer any questions you may have about the process as well as get a bit of background information about your animal companion such as their name, age, gender and the nature of your concern. Please also email a photo of your animal to me.

For existing clients, please call or email and we will schedule a consultation time.

One hour consultation is $155, or half hour is $110. To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call me at (828) 337-4686 or email me. To view rates for all services or to pay for a consultation, please go to the Rates page.