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Animal Medicine – Part 1: An Introduction to the Healing Messages from Animals

May. 11th 2011 12:47 PM

In Native American tradtions, “medicine” is considered anything that is healing and improves our connection to Great Spirit and all life. This includes healing of the mind, body and spirit. Medicine brings you in harmony and balance with your Higher Self resulting in deeper consciousness and awareness of the true essence of love. Animal medicine is simply the healing messages from animals.

Observing how animals live is one way to gain greater understanding of the medicine that they carry and the wisdom they can teach us. However, my experience has been that connecting with an animal telepathically, through animal communication, is a deeper way of receiving the animal’s insights and medicine.

All animals are sentient beings and when we are open to receiving their messages of wisdom and love, we have the opportunity to receive healing. This, in short, is what animal medicine is about: connecting with the healing aspect of an animal.

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