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My Beloved Merlin has Crossed Over to the Spiritual Realm

Dec. 22nd 2011 1:07 PM


Merlin, Feb. 2011

My sweet, beloved cat Merlin crossed over to the spiritual realm yesterday.

Merlin had only shown signs of being sick over the past few weeks. He was about 13. He had slowed down somewhat in the past year or so. But, all in all, he was his big, handsome, adorable self. And then two days ago, an ultrasound showed cancer in several organs. We took him home that night. Yesterday, he was very clear in communicating that he was ready to leave his body and our vet came to our home to assist him. Merlin passed easily and peacefully, with dignity, and in a ceremonial way that was honoring of him.  

Merlin was a Buddah; a Zen kitty; a Yogi master; calm, peaceful, serene. He adored being a cat; he loved being in his body and he was a skilled and avid hunter. Merlin would sometimes position his body in the most unusual cat-yoga positions and ‘meditate’. He was gentle, kind, patient and loving to everyone. On the rare occassion when someone who was not a ‘cat person’ would visit, they fell in love with Merlin. Everyone loved Merlin. He was the embodiment of grace and compassion; a true teacher in every sense of the word. I have many stories and teachings from Merlin that I will write about in the coming weeks and months to share his medicine and wisdom with you.

For today, I share some of my favorite photos of Merlin and my gratitude for the opportunity to have been blessed to live with such an enlightened being for 12 years.

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Be Yourself; Everyone Else is Already Taken

Dec. 9th 2011 4:31 PM

Coco Bear

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

I love that quote. It’s such an important reminder to be ourselves. Sounds silly in some ways. I mean, who else should we be but ourselves? Yet, at some point or another, chances are we’ve all behaved in a way that was not authentic to our True Self.  

There isn’t anyone else on earth quite like you. Isn’t that extraordinary! You bring something special to the world that no one else can in quite the way that you do. How wonderful! Your beauty, unique perspective, joy, insight, humor, silliness, etc…. It is all a gift. You are a gift. 

So today, love yourself exactly the way you are. You’re awesome! And share the joy. Remind others that they are awesome too!

Photo courtesy of Max in New York