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The Beauty of Pollination – Extraordinary & absolutely beautiful video

Mar. 23rd 2012 2:34 PM

Click here to watch a remarkable video about the birds, bees, bats and butterflies that pollinate our world. Incredible and spectacular imagery.

Enjoy and Happy Spring!

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Animal Communication Workshop – Teleclass – How to Communicate with Animals – Begins April 3

Mar. 16th 2012 12:16 PM

I am delighted to offer a Tele-Class Workshop to help you deepen your intuitive abilities and learn to communicate with animals.

This live (teleconference), interactive class, which you can participate in from the comfort of your home, starts April 3. This will be an in-depth, 6 hour workshop scheduled in four 90-minute classes. I will guide you through exercises and share techniques that will allow you to communicate with animals and you will have the opportunity to communicate with an animal in this class.

Details & Registration

6-hour animal communication workshop scheduled in four 90-minute classes.

Tuesdays, April 3, 10, 17, 24; 7 PM – 8:30 PM (US EDT)

Registration: $135

To register, click here.

Course Description

Telepathic Animal Communication is a natural way of communicating between all living beings…and everyone can learn how – all it takes is training and practice! This class will teach you

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Animal Communication – How To Communicate With Animals – Lesson 6: Practice, Practice, Practice

Mar. 9th 2012 11:06 AM

Dylan, photo courtesy of Donna

As I have said throughout this series, animal communication is a natural and innate ability already within you. Your connection to animals and the deepening of your telepathic abilities is something to cultivate in your life. And that means, practice, practice, practice. Practicing with a wide variety of animals and in various situations on an ongoing basis will help you hone and deepen your skills.

The more dedicated you are to your practice, the more you will receive, the more accurate you will become and the easier this will be. So, let this be easy. Imagine that your animal communication practice is like a feather in the wind. The feather allows itself to glide and be carried by the wind. Be the feather in the wind. Honor the flow of your intuition and allow this process to deepen naturally in its own time.

To recap what you have learned in this 6-part series,

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Animal Communication – How To Communicate With Animals – Lesson 5: Honor Your Intuition

Mar. 2nd 2012 9:20 AM

My Merlin doing kitty yoga

Hopefully you have been practicing communicating with animals and having fun. Of course, as with any new practice, it takes time to become proficient.

People living in modern industrial societies have a tendency to question their intuitive abilities. We ask: “Did I get it right?” “Am I making this up in my head?” Sometimes we become discouraged, thinking we cannot communicate with animals at all. Allow me to reassure you that you are not alone if at some point you question your abilities. But, have faith. A temporary moment of discouragement in not cause to throw in the towel. My suggestion is to acknowledge the thought and then release it. Perhaps say to yourself: “Oh, there’s my mind trying to convince me I can not do this. Rubbish. I can do this. I am communicating with animals.” Let go of limiting thoughts, refocus your attention, honor your intuition, and move on.

There is a learning curve with animal communication. Chances are, you did not learn to read a novel before you learned the alphabet and words. Be gentle with yourself. Allow animal communication to unfold in your life easily over time. You will be glad you did. The joy of being able to communicate with animals is extraordinary and the resulting deepening of the bond you share with your animal companions is well worth any effort involved in practicing telepathic communication.

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