Animal Communication – How To Communicate With Animals – Lesson 1: Be Present

02/03/12 8:56 AM

Regalo, photo courtesy of Tabitha

Congratulations for embarking on the rewarding journey of animal communication!

Understanding animals’ messages is a very innate natural ability. It is something everyone and anyone can do. In fact, you already know how to do it. You may just not know that you know how to communicate with animals. So, let me assure you that you can communicate with animals. We all can. It just takes some training and practice to become proficient. Consider this an opportunity to reawaken and deepen your connection to animals.

If animal communication is new to you, may I suggest you read the section of my website entitled ‘What Is Animal Communication’ to familiarize yourself with telepathic communication.  Click here to read that now.

The first step in communicating with any animal is to be present. This involves having a peaceful heart and a quiet mind while also being alert. If your mind is busy, full of background static, you cannot listen and receive. Having a daily meditative practice in your life is one way to cultivate a quiet and peaceful mind and this will enhance your animal communication abilities. In order to receive and transmit messages clearly and accurately, it is necessary to be relaxed and fully present in the moment.

I like to prepare for consultations by burning white sage. Some people prefer incense or aromatherapy essential oils; others prefer nothing at all. Whatever helps you feel grounded, centered and relaxed is great. Note that while it is important to be relaxed, it also necessary to be alert to receive and transmit messages telepathically. The goal here is to be present: relaxed, calm, peaceful and alert.

If you do not already have a practice for quieting your mind, you may find the following relaxation exercise helpful.

Close your eyes and gently focus on your breathing. Take a few deep breaths. Release any tension. Relax. Breathe normally. With each inhale, imagine you are breathing in all the Universal love and healing that you need to do animal communication easily and effortlessly. With each exhale, release anything that does not serve you. Gently turn your awareness to your feet. Feel them firmly on the earth (or floor). Allow yourself to feel fully supported by the earth (some people find it helpful to imagine roots at the soles of their feet extending down into the earth to help feel grounded). If at any time a thought enters your mind, simply notice it, release it with your exhale and bring your awareness back to your breath. With your next inhale, feel the life force energy moving up from your feet into your ankles, calves and shins. All is well. Continue focusing on your breath. With each inhale, feel the love light energy gently moving up to your knees, thighs, hips and buttocks.  Slowly, gently, breathing in all the life force energy that you need. This is easy. You’re just breathing. Allow the energy to move into your root chakra (the base of your body). Breathe. Feel the love light energy gently moving up your spine, filling your belly. You have everything you need; you always have and you always will. Gently bring your awareness to your breath and feel the energy moving up to your solar plexus, to your heart chakra and your back. Feel your heart softening and opening with each breath. The animals are looking forward to communicating with you. All is well. Just breathe. Allow the energy to gently move to your chest, shoulders, arms and hands. Breathing in and breathing out. All is well. Feel the gentle energy in your neck, moving up to your face and head. Your jaw is relaxed. With each breath you feel your mouth, cheeks, ears, scalp and eyes relax. Gently breathing. It is effortless. Notice the center of your forehead. Breathe and allow this to open to even more light and loving energy. Your entire body is filled with this energy. All is well and it will be easy to receive and transmit messages with the animals. Feel the energy at the top of your head, your crown chakra. Breathe and allow this spot to open to the Divine and your entire being filled with loving light. It is all around you and within you. All is well. Take a few more deep breaths and when you’re ready gently open your eyes.

Being present in the moment is the foundation of clearly and accurately communicating telepathically. I encourage you to adopt habits that reduce stress and increase serenity in your life. Practice relaxation and grounding daily. This will serve you well and enhance your animal communication abilities as well as prepare you for the upcoming lessons in this series.

If at any time you would like assistance, please feel free to contact me. It is my pleasure to offer mentoring sessions and tele-class workshops to assist people in learning the joy of animal communication. Please visit my website to learn more about my upcoming workshop in April, or contact me 828-337-4686,

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