Animal Communication – How To Communicate With Animals – Lesson 2: Be Open and Receptive

02/10/12 10:42 AM

Misha, photo courtesy of Kay

Being peaceful, open and receptive, is essential to clearly and accurately communicating with animals. Animal communication is natural and it is something to step back into. Remember, this is innate in you, something that you are reawakening wtihin yourself.

Like any communication, being an attentive listener is important to receiving messages clearly. This inolves being free of any judgments or expectations. If you have an emotional attachment to what an animal may or may not communicate with you, this will affect your communication. Recognize any limiting thoughts and release them.

Your attitudes towards animals will also influence your communications. It is important to recognize that all animals are sentient beings. They have with their own intelligence, emotions and awareness. Respect all animals for who they are and see beyond their physical form. Admire their spiritual qualities. Be humble and have a willingness to learn new ideas. When we are open to receiving the wisdom of animals, there is much we can learn from them. Be humble, open and receptive and allow the animals to teach you.

Intuition is organic. Be open and receptive to whatever comes, in whatever way the information comes to you. It may come in the form of images, impressions, thoughts, feelings, verbal messages, sounds, a sense of knowing or other sensations. Over time, you will become increasingly familiar with how you receive information. Let whatever form the messages come to you be okay. Most people have a predominant sensory channel. Some folks see imagery, others are more likely to feel the information in their bodies, some tend to hear messages, and others have a deep sense of knowing. There is no right or wrong way. Honor your intuitive abilities and enjoy this process as it unfolds for you. This will foster greater awareness and a deepening of your intuitive abilities.

The following exercise will help you remember past communication experiences you have had with animals and assist you in recognizing how you have already received telepathic messages. You will need pen and paper to jot down notes.

Relax and be fully present in this moment. Review the relaxation exercise from Lesson 1 if you wish. For this exercise, you can recall a childhood experience you had with an animal, one from a few days ago or at any time at all. Allow yourself to be completely present in each experience that you remember. Review each of the following statements, one at a time, pausing between each one, and write down a few notes about each experience. Allow yourself to really feel and experience each memory fully.

  • Remember a time in your life when you were with an animal and the experience you shared made an impression on you. What happened? What was the experience like for you?
  • Remember a time in your life when you felt affection for an animal and you know the animal received that message from you. 
  • Remember a time in your life when you felt affection from an animal. How did the animal relay this to you?
  • Remember a time in your life when an animal received a positive communication from you. How did you send the message?
  • Remember a time in your life when you understood a message from an animal. Notice how the animal got the message across to you. How did you receive this message? Which of your sense channels were open?

When you have completed this exercise, review your notes. Take a look at everything you have rememberd. Do you see how you have already received and transmitted communications with animals in one way or another in your life? Notice how the messages came to you and how you received them. How did the animal get their message across to you? Notice how you sent messages. Which of your sense channels were open? 

I encourage you to honor your abilities to communicate with animals. Allow yourself be aware of how you have already transmitted and received messages with animals in one way or another. The more you recognize and trust your intuitive abilities, the more communications will come to you and it will be easier to deepen your receptivity. Pay attention to all of the ways this happens in your life. Practice being open and receptive to receiving telepathic messages in all of the ways it shows up every day. Honor your intuition and it will grow.

As you progress, you may choose to develop other sensory channels to broaden the ways you receive messages, or this may happen very naturally for you over time. Your ability to communicate with animals will expand and grow with practice.

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