Animal Communication – How To Communicate With Animals – Lesson 3: Sending and Receiving Messages Telepathically

02/16/12 9:58 PM

Rosie & Gracey, photo courtesy of Paloma & Gary

Communication is a two-way process of receiving and sending messages. Both require being fully present in the moment, as was covered in Lesson 1. In Lesson 2 you had the opportunity to recall ways you have already received messages from animals. Now we will discuss ways to transmit telepathic messages.

Telepathic transmissions happen among all beings all of the time. Most of us have had telepathic experiences: One example I frequently use is thinking about a friend who then suddenly phones you. And vice versa. This is telepathic communication. A message was transmitted by one and received by another. With animal communication, the exchange of messages is happening purposefully with an animal. In other words, you are intentionally connecting with an animal and transmitting and receiving messages between one another.

For this next exercise, you will need a partner to practice telepathically sending and receiving messages. You can choose to practice sending messages with an animal and request a sign of confirmation. However, in the beginning, I suggest practicing with another person so you can receive verbal feedback. This will help build your confidence and reassure you that you are clearly sending and receiving messages.

I suggest you choose a partner who is open to telepathic communication and willing to participate in this with you with a sense of innocence, wonder and enjoyment. I also encourage you to have fun playing this game! Keep it simple and light. Don’t be concerned about getting it ‘right’. You are just getting started. Have fun, be gentle with yourself and do not be attached to the outcome. With practice, you will become more proficient.

To begin, select what you and your partner will telepathically communicate. It may be a color, a place, a favorite food or whatever you wish. Decide who will be the sender and who will be the receiver. Repeat the exercise, alternating between being the sender and receiver. For the purpose of writing this exercise out for you, I will use a color. I learned this exercise over two decades ago from Penelope Smith, the pioneer of animal communication. To this day, I still remember that, as the sender in the exercise, I visualized a butterfly with iridescent blue wings. This is a powerful exercise that can greatly enhance your intuitive abilities. I encourage you to practice this often.

Whoever will be the sender can choose a color and let the receiver know what color was selected. Ready?

Gently close your eyes. Feel your feet on the earth, grounded and totally supported. Breathe deeply, releasing any tension. (Review the relaxation exercise in Lesson 1 if you wish.) Allow your childlike innocence to take over and approach this exercise with a sense of playfulness and wonder. Do not force your thoughts. This is a fun game. Be open to surprises. Relax and breathe. Now, gently become aware of your partner. Breathing, relaxed, all is well. Gently feel your breath at your heart center. Breathe. Gently allow your heart to open, breathing, relaxed. This is easy. All is well. Feel connected to your partner through the love light of your heart center. Relax. Breathe. Feel the connection between you and your partner, heart to heart. Imagine that you have doors at the center of your heart and gently open these doors slowly allowing your connection to one another to deepen. Breathe. Senders, feel your color as best you can. What are its qualities? Is it soft or bright, warm or cool? What shade is it; dark or light? What feeling, emotion or physical sensation do you feel with this color? It is important to feel the color. If you stay in that feeling you will transmit that feeling to your partner. You may also think of objects or images you associate with this color. Transmit this to your receiver now. Allow all of this to flow gently from your heart center and into the heart center of your partner. Receivers, allow the color to flow into your own heart center. Feel the color. Is it soft or bright; warm or cool? How light or dark is the color? Open your awareness to any images, thoughts, sensations, tastes, smells, sounds, emotions or perceptions your partner has sent. When you are ready, open your eyes. Receivers, jot down a description of whatever information you received.

Now, share the information with one another. First, receivers share what you received. I encourage you to speak in declarative statements: “I saw…,” “I felt…,” “I heard…,” “I had a knowing of…” etc. I encourage you not to include comments like: “Well, I don’t know if this is accurate, but…” Please do not invalidate your intuition. That will not help you deepen your abilities. In fact, invalidating statements reinforce blocks and limitations. Simply and clearly state what you received. Remember, this was a game to help you hone your intuitive abilities. So, acknowledge and accept whatever you received. You are just starting out and the goal is to have fun with this so you will continue to practice and develop your skills over time. While the receiver is speaking, the sender should listen attentively, not commenting until the receiver is done. Once complete, the sender can share feedback, such as: “What I sent was an image of…,” “the feeling of…” etc. There are no judgments here. There is no good/bad or right/wrong. Simply acknowledge what was sent and received and thank one another for doing the exercise together. Good job!

The more you practice telepathically sending and receiving messages, the easier it will be. Over time, you will receive more, and more accurate, information in your communications.

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