Animal Communication – How To Communicate With Animals – Lesson 4: Connecting Telepathically with an Animal

02/23/12 4:31 PM

Duke, photo courtesy of Diane

Telepathic communication does not require being in the physical presence of one another. However, some people find it easier, at least initially, to connect telepathically with an animal that is physically present. Either way is fine. Some people prefer making the connection with their eyes closed. Others prefer gently focusing on an animal or a photo of an animal. Again, there are no right or wrong ways to connect. Whatever works best for you is fine. I encourage you to experiment with both having animals present, and not; with either closing your eyes, or gently focusing on an animal or photo. Try different ways and see what is most comfortable for you.

In Lesson 3, you had the opportunity to practice sending and receiving messages with a friend. Now you will do this with an animal. Perhaps there is a special animal in your life you would like to ask, or one that has volunteered to help you. You can also ask a friend if you can connect with their animal companion. You may also wish to try this with animals in nature. As always, have fun with this and experiment.

Before you choose an animal to work with, let the animal know you would like to practice animal communication and ask the animal to assist you. When you are fully present, calm, relaxed and alert (refer to the relaxation exercise in Lesson 1 if needed), let the animal know you are learning to open more deeply to communicating with animals. Be humble and ask the animal to help you. Listen and watch for a response, whether telepathic or physical. If you do not feel you can receive an answer telepathically yet, ask the animal to give you a sign if they would like to help you. Be open to their response and let your telepathic senses expand. Most animals are so delighted you want to communicate with them, they are eager to be of service to you. Acknowledge and accept whatever response you receive and thank the animal.

Let’s begin!

Relax and be present in the moment (refer to the relaxation exercise in Lesson 1 if needed). Now, telepathically greet the animal. Send a message saying hello. Pause and see if you receive a reply. Relax. Have fun with this. If at any time you feel your own thoughts streaming in, step back energetically, refocus your attention, focus on your breath, relax, be present, grounded and centered, and begin again. Animal communication has a natural flow, just like any conversation. Keep it simple. When you’re ready, telepathically ask the animal a simple question. Perhaps ask them how they are feeling. Relax. Be open and receptive to whatever comes to you. Remember that messages may come in many forms: a feeling, sensation, image, sense of knowing, or another way. This may be different at various times or vary with different animals. Be open to surprises! Say “yes!” to whatever form the messages come to you. Acknowledge and accept whatever you receive. Thank the animal for sending you a message. Continue the process of receiving and relaying messages, just as you would in any conversation. Remember to keep it simple. Do not make this hard; it is not difficult. Let it be easy. Resist any temptation to analyze, evaluate or criticize. Let the meaning unfold naturally. Remain innocent and nonjudgmental. Acknowledge and accept whatever you get and enjoy the process. Thank the animal for communicating with you.

In the beginning, I suggest you keep your communications brief and simple, fostering an environment that allows you to build confidence over time. Keep your thoughts positive. Trust your ability to easily and effortlessly send and receive messages. You do not need to initially understand the full meaning of every message. Accuracy and proficiency will come with practice. Simply focus on an easy and effortless exchange of messages. Keep it simple. As you advance, ask for clarification if there is something you do not understand or you wish to have more information about. However, do not keep asking the same question over and over. If you find yourself unable to receive clearly at some point, take a break. Come back to the communication when you feel centered, relaxed and alert. Be gentle with yourself and have fun!

Many people find it helpful to take a workshop or work one-on-one with a mentor to study animal communication and have assistance developing their skills. If you would like assistance at any time, I would welcome the opportunity to be of service to you. To find out more about mentoring and my upcoming workshop in April, please visit my website or feel free to contact me at 828-337-4686 or

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