Animal Communication – How To Communicate With Animals – Lesson 5: Honor Your Intuition

03/02/12 9:20 AM

My Merlin doing kitty yoga

Hopefully you have been practicing communicating with animals and having fun. Of course, as with any new practice, it takes time to become proficient.

People living in modern industrial societies have a tendency to question their intuitive abilities. We ask: “Did I get it right?” “Am I making this up in my head?” Sometimes we become discouraged, thinking we cannot communicate with animals at all. Allow me to reassure you that you are not alone if at some point you question your abilities. But, have faith. A temporary moment of discouragement in not cause to throw in the towel. My suggestion is to acknowledge the thought and then release it. Perhaps say to yourself: “Oh, there’s my mind trying to convince me I can not do this. Rubbish. I can do this. I am communicating with animals.” Let go of limiting thoughts, refocus your attention, honor your intuition, and move on.

There is a learning curve with animal communication. Chances are, you did not learn to read a novel before you learned the alphabet and words. Be gentle with yourself. Allow animal communication to unfold in your life easily over time. You will be glad you did. The joy of being able to communicate with animals is extraordinary and the resulting deepening of the bond you share with your animal companions is well worth any effort involved in practicing telepathic communication.

I encourage you to trust, honor and respect your intuition and to cultivate this relationship with your Higher Self.

One of the things you will learn as you continue to practice animal communication is differentiating between perception and projection. Intuition is immediate. Whatever perception comes first, this is the answer. Projections are thoughts that come from the mind. In short: first impressions are the intuition; second-guessing is the rational mind.

With gentleness and innocence, notice if there are any ways you may have limited or blocked any messages. If so, recognize and release these perceived obstacles and limitations now. Let them go. Know and trust that as you move forward in deepening your telepathic abilities, you do so with an open mind and heart. Be gentle with yourself and recognize that you are learning and expanding your perceptions now. Practice regularly and you will see your accuracy and proficiency expand and improve.

Also, honoring your intuition is not something to relegate solely to your animal communication practice. Guidance and information is available to you at all times and useful in all aspects of your life. Have you ever had a ‘feeling’ to take a different route home, not followed your intuitive flash, and then found yourself stuck in traffic? Perhaps you had a ‘feeling’ to take your umbrella when leaving your home one morning, even though it was a clear sunny day, and mid afternoon a rainstorm developed. All of these, and countless other helpful messages, stream into our consciousness all of the time, if we allow them to. The more you open to and honor your intuitive abilities in all aspects of your life, the easier animal communication will be for you. It is all the same thing.

As for moving through those times when you may doubt your telepathic communication with animals, remember that anything and everything you do to acknowledge and accept whatever you receive will foster more flow. Resist analyzing, evaluating or criticizing. This only creates blocks and obstacles to the flow. Do not be afraid to acknowledge whatever communication you get. Do not worry about what other people think. For that matter, do not worry about what your mind thinks. Rather, acknowledge and accept whatever you receive and express your gratitude. Think of a garden hose in which water flows naturally and effortlessly. When kinked, however, the flow is blocked. Intuition is similar. I encourage you not to stand on the hose but rather let your intuitive abilities flow. Be in the flow of your life.

In summary, believe in your ability to send and receive messages from animals. Do not invalidate your perceptions and impressions in any way. Acknowledge and accept whatever you receive and say “Yes!” to your intuition. It is not about being right or wrong. It is a matter of opening and practicing. Relax. Have fun. This is a joy!

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