Animal Communication Tip – Communicate The Behavior You Want

06/08/13 5:33 AM

dog sitting

When you communicate with your animal companions, it is important to communicate the desired behavior and not phrase or project the negative.

Animals pick up on the energy of our communications as much as they do our words and imagery. So when you communicate a message to your animal companion, relay your message in a positive manner and align your emotions with what you are communicating.

Here’s an example. If you would like your dog to greet a guest respectfully, say: “Sally is visiting today and I would like you to greet her in a friendly and gentle manner”. Visualize in your mind that your dog greets Sally calmly and then transmit that image to your dog. This message is a lot different than feeling frustrated and saying: “Don’t jump on Sally when she visits today.” What your dog will ‘hear’ from the latter message is ‘Jump on Sally when she visits today” because the mind does not register the word “don’t”.

Clear and loving communication lays the foundation for a successful experience for you and your animal companion.



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