Bats Are People Too – A Child Teaches Compassion

04/16/11 9:38 AM

Here’s a story about learning compassion for all animals from a child’s perspective. This was written by an unknown author. The photo is courtesy of Jon Read

My toddler son witnessed a violent attack upon a bat by some other children. He was extremely upset and wept uncontrollably. As I held and comforted him, I initially mistook his compassion for fear, assuming he was too young to experience such feelings. It was during a quiet dialogue with the tiny boy on my lap that the empathy for animals I had suppressed for many years resurfaced. The conversation went like this:

Son: I think I heard the bat cry. Do bats cry?

Mom: I don’t know. I never thought much about bats.

Son: But if we do think about bats, do you think they cry?

Mom: Yes, I think they might be able to cry.

Son: Why didn’t anybody help him? When I cry somebody always comes.

Mom: Well, honey, bats are different than people.

Son: How come they’re different than people? Don’t they get scared when they get beat up?

Mom: Yes, I’m sure they must.

Son: Then how come nobody came?

Mom: Well, bats are dirty.

Son: If I get dirty will people come and beat me up?

Mom: God, No! You’re not a bat, you’re a person. You’re much smarter than a bat.

Son: So if someone isn’t smart, are we supposed to kill them?

Mom: No. We read and speak and think and feel; it’s hard to explain.

Son: I think he felt stuff; he was crying. I know he was crying. And mom….. I can’t read.

This story touched my heart deeply when I heard it. This child intuitively knows that the bat is a sentient being. Thankfully, more people are becoming conscious of the truth that all animals are sentient beings. We are all connected to one another. This story reminds us to respect and revere animals as fellow beings. Sure, they are different in physical form than we are. But animals are of the same spiritual essence as we are.

Penelope Smith, the pioneer in animal communication, states it best in her Pointers to Enhance Interspecies Telepathic Communication ( as follows: If people approach animals with condescension, thinking animals are inferior in intelligence, awareness or substandard in any way, they limit their ability to perceive and understand animals as they truly are. As we increasingly see and treat all animals as fellow intelligent beings, we allow them to express themselves more deeply and fully to us. Animal communication is one way to deepen your connection and understanding of the wisdom of animals.

I encourage you to explore the wonder of animal communication further. Perhaps read a book about it, take a workshop, or consider experiencing a consultation with an animal communicator. Be humble & receptive and allow the animals to teach you. You may be amazed at how gloriously your relationship with animals deepens and expands.

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