Flower Essences For Your Dog, Cat, Horse – Healing Remedies for Many Conditions

08/23/12 10:08 PM

DeeDee (photo courtesy of Linda)

Flower essences can be powerful healing remedies for a wide variety of behavioral, emotional and physical concerns or issues for your animals. To name a few: grief and loss, anxiety, jealousy, spraying, abandonment, digestive issues, separation, and many others.

One source I recommend is Green Hope Farm. To view their animal wellness collections, go to: www.greenhopeessences.com. Click on “Our Collections”, “Animal Wellness Collections” and then click on the name of the remedy that best suits the condition. Or, give them a call for assistance in selecting the best remedy for your animal companion.

Many of my clients have used these remedies with great success. Here is Linda’s story about her dog DeeDee who benefited from flower essences for severe night terrors.

“My story begins in February, 2009. After losing our golden Honey-girl to cancer, my husband and I decided to take some time before choosing another dog. I was missing her so much; Honey-girl had been my constant companion for 9 years. However, on a Saturday morning news program, we saw a little dog who needed a home. There she sat with her head held high and ears all perky. The woman fostering this dog said that she was a “special needs” dog because she was totally deaf. There went my heart. I have always adopted the older ones and those who needed a little special care. Off we went as soon as the animal shelter opened. There she sat with one brown eye and one blue. When I got down on the floor with her, it was as if Honey-girl whispered in my ear and said: “Time to stop greiving. This is the one.” On her file at the shelter was DD (deaf dog). My husband said: “What a great name for this little dog: DeeDee.” The next 3 years were great. We taught her some sign language: Come, Sit, Eat, Out. Then the problems started. Night and day, DeeDee was having terror attacks. Our vet tried every medication he could think of for these “spells”. Xanax, Phenobituals (in case they were seizures, which they were not). It all boiled down to PTSD attacks. Nothing helped. We were being awakened 3 to 4 times during the night with screaming, not dreaming, but screaming at the top of her lungs. These attacks were also happening during the day. We didn’t know what to do and this was all taking a toll on DeeDee as well. Our vet suggested putting her down. Needless to say, that did not sit well with me. That’s when I called Rain and asked for a suggestion since she had already communicated with DeeDee. Rain suggested trying flower essences. By this time, I was willing to try anything, especially something natural. I ordered the flower essences and gave DeeDee 2 drops in her water each day. After 7 days, the attacks had decreased to once a night or none! How wonderful! You never know how important sleep is until you have none. DeeDee is so improved. And now, my husband and I are taking flower essences each day. His blood pressure is much improved and my blood issue has also improved. Thank you to the makers of Green Hope Farm and thank you Rain for suggesting them. We are a much happier and rested family now. And by the way, when someone says “special needs”, that is exactly correct. DeeDee is SPECIAL in every way.”

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  1. Rain Says:

    Here are some comments to this blog that I’ve received via email:

    From D’Anne: thank you, Rain. I’m going to check into this for little Charlie sunshine.

    From Marta: Thank you for sharing these beautiful stories of love and miracles. They always touch my heart.

    From Loree: LOVE your blog…thank you for sending, dear Rain.

  2. Dog Death Says:

    Thanks for taking time for sharing this article, it is excellent and very informative. As a first time visitor to your blog I am very impressed. I found a lot of informative stuff in your article. Keep it up. Thank you.

  3. Rain H. Says:

    Here’s another recent comment from a client:
    Julie S. says: Just wanted to thank you for the information about Green Hope Farm Flower Essences you had in your blog. I started using them on the issues I have with my 7 kitties and they are really helping. Eye opening stuff for me too.

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