Full Heart or Empty Heart – Which Do You Choose?

10/18/12 11:05 AM

“In a full heart there is room for everything and in an empty heart there is room for nothing.” — Antonio Porchia, poet

This quote is a powerful reminder that anything is possible when we live in gratitude and love with our heart open to receiving the infinite gifts from the Universe. If we close ourselves off to these gifts, life can feel pretty empty and lonely. Fortunately, we get to choose. Full heart or empty heart. Which do you choose for yourself today?

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2 Comments on “Full Heart or Empty Heart – Which Do You Choose?”

  1. Tiara Says:

    Thank you for sharing that lovely quote with your reflections on it Rain, and that delightful picture!! They definitely helped fill my heart today… <3

  2. Rain H. Says:

    So glad you enjoyed the post, Tiara!

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