FURminator – What A Great Brush!

09/16/10 6:04 PM

I just discovered the best little brush to prevent shedding and wanted to share this with you. My tiger kitty, Merlin, has very silky, thick, short fur. Unfortunately, he always sheds, even in the winter. Well, I just tried a new brush and love it. It’s called the FURminator. After only a week of use, there is virtually no more shedding. Merlin’s coat is as luxurious as always but there isn’t an airy cloud of kitty fur wafting onto the floor or sofa when I pet him now.

You can google FURminator to find a store near you that carries their products or order online. I recommend going directly to the FURminator(.com) website because they have a variety of products for different animals, dogs too of course, and recommendations for various types of fur and age of the animal. Check it out and let me know what you think!

2 Comments on “FURminator – What A Great Brush!”

  1. Tiara Says:

    I just ordered one of these for Nani through Amazon.com, can’t wait to see how it works! If it’s as great for her as it is for your cat, I know what she’s sending Grandma for Christmas to use on her 2 long haired pups! 😉

  2. Paulene Sieminski Says:

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