Happiness Revealed

11/22/12 12:02 PM

Happiness Revealed is a gorgeous video with a beautiful and inspiring message created by nature photographer Louis Schwartzberg. A brief introduction to the artist and his work is followed by the video itself.

This message is a wonderful reminder that every day is a good day to be grateful and that cultivating gratitude in our lives is a blessing for all.

Click here to be directed to the link.   Enjoy!

I am grateful for you in my life and I wish you many blessings! What are you grateful for today?

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4 Comments on “Happiness Revealed”

  1. Rain H. Says:

    Sharing some of the comments I’ve received via email regarding this post:

    From Suzanne: WOW! Rain, thank you. This is simply magnificent. Already feeling so grateful but THIS, wow.

    From Kathryn: Thank you for this lovely gift on this glorious Thanksgiving Day. We are all one.

    From Cindy: This was absolutely beautiful and an answer for me! Thank you for sending this to me.

    From Karen: Oh, Rain! How very beautiful! How very heart-opening! Thank you so very much for sharing!

  2. Rain H. Says:

    Here’s another one:
    From Cynthia: beautiful… just beautiful… and such wise words.

  3. Rain H. Says:

    More feedback about this post.
    This one is from Loree:
    Rain…thank you for sharing that Beautiful and Inspiring Video with me….it really touched all those deep places…
    You are a Blessing

  4. Rae Says:

    This is simply beautiful.
    Beautiful wisdom, beautiful truth.
    The dear old man spoke beautiful simple sweet truth,
    and I am so grateful to have seen this.
    I feel to just watch and remember, over and over…
    really touches me each time.

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