Hearts in My Path – Walk In Beauty

06/22/12 8:55 AM

Dylan (Photo by Diane Lewis, pet photographer)

This is the final post telling Dylan’s story, as told by my client Donna G. Enjoy! Please leave a comment and share what you think.

Chapter 3

“I don’t believe, I know.” Carl Jung

In September, six months after Dylan passed over, I was in Cleveland on a business trip. The afternoon I arrived in Cleveland was a beautiful fall day. I drove down to a park by Lake Erie and watched the sunset. I sat on a picnic table and took photos of the lighthouse off shore. The light was golden and lovely, and I enjoyed my time there.

The next morning I was getting ready for my business meeting, thinking about what I should say about this or that problem. As I was brushing my teeth, it was as if someone put a photograph in front of my eyes. In the photo I was sitting on the picnic table, looking out at the lighthouse. But it took my breath away when I realized there in the lush green grass of fall, looking peaceful and happy, was my sweet, sweet Dylan! He was looking at me with his wonderful kind eyes. It was one of those moments a person never forgets! There, in a hotel room in Cleveland, Dylan let me know that he was with me, ever with me.

I have to admit there was a part of me that thought maybe I should see a doctor! I know what grief can do to the human mind, and I had been in the throes of immeasurable grief for a long time. I decided to contact an animal communicator who had connected with Dylan when he was sick to ask how he was tolerating the chemotherapy treatments. I told her about the heart on the back door, the photo that flashed before my eyes, and that how sometimes I felt Dylan’s presence around me. I also told her I missed him so much that I wondered if I had imagined these things so I could bear the grief I was feeling. Her response was just what I needed:

“Sometimes, in times of intense energy, we are given the opportunity to glimpse into another dimension. With the connection that Dylan and you have, the deep love between you, I think it is possible, and highly probable, that he would try to comfort you in any way he can. So, yes, I believe it to be true, and no, you are not crazy!”

Well, with that validation, my doubts left me and the flood gates opened with messages and hearts from Dylan. It is true, once you are open to it there is no limit to what can be received!

A jellyfish heart left for me on the beach in April 2012.

I continue to receive hearts from Dylan when I need them the most. With Rain’s help, just this week, I thanked Dylan for the hearts. His sweetness was overwhelming. He told me he will continue to send me hearts as long as I need them. They serve as a symbol for what is important; love, compassion, joy. “They give you a feeling that touches joy.” They have propelled me to ask questions I would not otherwise have asked. Dylan also reassured me that even if I don’t see the hearts, they are still there. “There is no reason to doubt them.”

On my driveway just a few weeks ago.

To date, Dylan has put 27 hearts in my path. A friend of mine put it this way. “Dylan wants you to walk in beauty.” I love that because it is just like Dylan…making others happy, telling me, “keep going, keep searching, the best really is yet to come!”

This photo, and the following one, are from the same walk as the blue heart.

It was a big heart day!

I find this one to be the most interesting of all.

“This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet.” Rumi

10 Comments on “Hearts in My Path – Walk In Beauty”

  1. Robin Thomas Says:

    All of us that knew and loved Dylan miss him dearly! I thank Donna for sharing his hearts!

  2. Rain H. Says:

    Yes, many thanks to Donna for sharing his hearts… and hers.

  3. Rain H. Says:

    Here are a couple additional comments received via email for this story:

    From Gail: What a beautiful story!!! Thank you and Donna for sharing this testament to the transcendent power of love! It is reassuring to have confirmation that the love we share in the physical world continues on in the spiritual one.

    From Lee: love the story about dylan and heart images

  4. Judy Helms Says:

    Dylan Man sent 2 hearts Donna’s way today….even in the corner of a piece of wood!! I stood amazed – just staring at the heart…a beautiful heart!! sharing the corner of a piece of wood! In a place ..that has been built to relax..and think happy thoughts! You just can’t help but see the heart!!!…thank you Dylan!! Dylan refuses to let us be sad!! and what a change I have seen in Donna…She KNOWS now..what she has thought all along! Stay on the journey Donna!!

  5. DIANE L Says:


    Rain sent me the link to your story, thank you so much for sharing it! My soul dog Bailey is nearing the end and the grief I feel is so immense, but you give me light to see that it’s not the end, and letting him soar and be young and pain free again is possibly the most selfless gift I can give him. From the moment I met you and Dylan, I felt something special between you, your kind amazing heart and love for him were amazing and I am so glad you have come in and touched my life!!! Bless you and I hope that when you come to Raleigh, we can meet for lunch and I can see Dylan’s photo book.

  6. Rain H. Says:

    So happy you enjoyed the posts about Donna and Dylan, Diane. They are both very special beings.
    Wishing you continued success with the beautiful animal photography work that you do!

  7. Linda H Says:

    Donna & Rain,
    Thank you so much for sharing this story. It is so touching & comforting to know that our pets never leave us & are there to help us from the “other side”. I know that for sure when I was “adopted” by my cat here in Asheville. It was confirmed to me that she was the reincarnation of my cat Skye that had been run over when I lived in LA. And that I moved to the “Land of Sky”. I’m passing your story on to everyone I know.It is sooo heartwarming.

  8. Rain H. Says:

    Dear Linda,
    Thank you so much for your feedback and sharing your experience as well. I am so happy that Donna and Dylan’s story touched you. It is beautiful!
    And thank for sharing this inspring story with your friends.
    Many blessings to you too,

  9. Anne Says:

    I am sitting here with tears running down my face at this beautiful story & I am not a cryer very often. I lost my best friend Thanksgiving of 2008 & still feel like my hearts ripping out of my chest. If I had read this story & not known Donna I would think it was a sweet but possibly made up story. I’ve known Donna for a number of years & have seen her deal with grief & loss. She’s not a crazy person but she would walk through fire for those that she loves & would do anything for you. I am a believer that her heart was so attuned with Dylan’s that they are still communicating now. Thank you for sharing this incredible story.

  10. Rain H. Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughtful comments on this post. Donna is a lovely person and her story has inspired many. You are right that she loves her dogs with all of heart and that she and Dylan are still connected. Again, thank you for sharing.

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