Imagine You Can Communicate With Animals And You Will

02/02/13 5:54 PM

Our imagination is a powerful tool that can open and expand our perceptions. If we cannot imagine that something is possible, then it does not exist for us. Perhaps you’ve seen the quote: “What could you accomplish if you knew you couldn’t fail?” Good question. The answer for each of us is infinite.

In terms of communicating with animals, I often remind my students to use their imagination if they feel blocked at some point while learning animal communication. Imagine that it is possible to receive a communication from an animal and to send a message telepathically to the animal. Of course, it is possible to receive and transmit messages with animals and we all have the ability to do it. However, if someone doesn’t believe they can communicate with animals, then this can inhibit their natural ability to do so. Our thoughts are very powerful. So, if you wish to communicate with animals, then it is important that you believe that you can do it. Connecting with your animal companions in this way will surely deepen your connection with one another. Give it a try. You’re animal friends will be happy you did.

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