Kindness — A Simple Blessing of the Holiday Season

12/14/12 12:50 PM

At this time of year when folks sometimes get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season —  the decorations, shopping, parties, the endless to-do list — I invite you to take a moment to breathe, connect with the true meaning of the holiday you celebrate, and reflect on what it is that you truly wish to gift to others.

A simple act of kindness can change a life forever.

Make kindness a habit. It’s the most important gift of all.

Wishing you joy this holiday and every day.

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One Comment on “Kindness — A Simple Blessing of the Holiday Season”

  1. Rain H. Says:

    Here are a couple of comments I received to this post via email:
    From Donna: I love this, Rain. Thank you for sending it. The photo is fabulous.
    From D’Anne: What a lovely message, Rain. Thank you for the reminder! And, the timing of your message couldn’t have been more appropriate, even though I know you sent it before the news broke. I send you many blessings as well. I hope you have a wonderful, sweet, magical holiday. Peace & joy.

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