Meighan’s Story: Finding My Lost Dog With Animal Communication

11/18/11 1:01 PM

Dodger playing

This is an inspiring story from one of my clients who used animal communication to find her lost dog.

When my husband and I had first gotten our new dog, Dodger, my husband took Dodger and our other dog, Canyon, out for a hike. During the hike, Dodger took off and got lost. After a couple hours of looking for him, my husband called me at work to say that he couldn’t find Dodger anywhere and I should come help look for him. So I came home and my husband, Canyon, and I hiked around calling for Dodger for another couple hours until it was dark. We were kind of giving up hope that we would find Dodger that night. At that time, my sister happened to call me on my cell phone and I told her what we were doing. She told me that she had read somewhere that when you have a lost animal, you should sit quietly and picture one of two images to get the animal to come back to you: either a pink silky ribbon connecting your heart to theirs – or a beam, like the light that would shine out of a lighthouse, shining out of the top of your head letting the animal know where you are and that you’re looking for them. She said that it had worked for her when her cat was lost one time. So my husband and I gave it a shot:  he visualized the pink silky ribbon connecting his heart to Dodger’s heart and I pictured the lighthouse beam. We were sitting in the back of the car with our dog Canyon reaching out to Dodger when we suddenly heard his collar clinking in the dark. He ran up to us and hopped into the back of the car with us!  He seemed as happy to be back with us as we were to have found him. We couldn’t believe that after all the time we had spent calling out to Dodger with our physical voices, it was during that time that we were calling out to him with our hearts/minds that he came back to us. We were just glad it worked and that our dog came back to us safe and sound.

Story and photo courtesy of Meighan and Dodger

2 Comments on “Meighan’s Story: Finding My Lost Dog With Animal Communication”

  1. Karen Says:

    Such an inspirational story, Rain. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to remember this.

  2. Rain Says:

    So happy you found this helpful, Karen. It is a really neat story and the fact that it was written by a client of mine who doesn’t have any formal training in animal communication, I just love how this illustrates that ANYONE can communicate with animals.

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