Syra’s Velvet Ear Pinwheel Story – Very Touching

09/16/10 6:58 PM

One of the things that I miss most since Syra passed away five months ago is petting her velvet ears. I often called her Syra Velvet because it was such an exquisite feature. Recently, I received such a loving message from Syra that involves her “velvet”.

I was exchanging intuitive readings with a friend. When I told him the story about Syra’s passing, he relayed this lovely message from Syra: 

Syra has placed a velvet ear pinwheel in my heart. Imagine a pinwheel of four velvety Syra dog ears. This pinwheel is located at the base of my heart. It is in continous motion. As it gently turns, Syra’s velvet is lovingly touching the edges of my heart.

When I heard this, I felt such incredible love from Syra and started to cry.

I have been able to feel Syra so close to me since she passed. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t say her name. She is still very much with me, even though her body is no longer in the physical form.

I am grateful for Syra’s sweet and beautiful gift of her velvety ear pinwheel gently turning in my heart.

2 Comments on “Syra’s Velvet Ear Pinwheel Story – Very Touching”

  1. Tiara Says:

    Oh Rain, what a sweet message from your beloved Syra! I know how much you miss your sweet girl and her soft ears, so I can imagine what comfort that message was to you…

    I’m so glad you have a friend who can relay the sort of loving messages to you that you gift your own clients with every day…thank you and thanks to him too!

  2. Karen Says:

    Oh, how beautiful.

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