The Wound is Where the Light Enters – A Special Dog Brings Light Back to the Human Heart

06/08/12 7:44 AM

Photo courtesy of Donna

This is the story of Dylan’s Hearts, as told by my client, Donna G. This is the first of three posts. Please feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts and feedback. Enjoy!


The Sufis believe when your heart is broken or your soul is wounded, your soul sends a light out into the universe. Somewhere, another soul sees the light and comes to help you. The wound is the place where the light enters.

And so it was with Dylan and me. He answered the call and immediately the fog of my life lifted. It had been there so long that I thought it belonged there, was meant to be there. I was almost comfortable with the sadness that was always close by.

By the time I was 27 years old, both of my parents and all grandparents had passed away. I have a brother who is married with children of his own. I have numerous cousins that I am close to and who have meant the world to me through the years. As the years passed, their lives grew fuller with their own children, and they moved further and further away from the reality of my life. I turned my attention to my work and became successful in my career. I was into my fifties when Dylan came into my life, wondering if I was ever going to be “Number One” to anyone. Dylan changed all of that the moment we met.

My love for Dylan is immense, just as my grief was when he passed away after just six short years here on this earth. With Rain’s help, I have come to know not only what a great gift he was while he walked beside me, but what a much greater gift he is as he helps me with my “whole hearted healing” that he is directing from the spiritual world.

This document is not for looking back, but for sharing facts that I know to be true to help everyone who knows the pain of losing a beloved animal companion, or anyone on their own journey trying to understand the things that cannot be proven.

Photo by Diane Lewis (pet photographer)

Chapter 1

“When we walk to the edge of all the light we have, and take a step into the unknown, we must believe one of two things will happen. There will be solid ground to stand on, or we will be taught to fly!” Patrick Overton

Death is not the end. It is the beginning.

Dylan died of lymphoma after a courageous battle. He kept his joyous outlook on life until the very end. He never complained and his team of veterinarians at NC State University were amazed at his endurance and happy attitude throughout his treatments. Dylan did so well that when we met our neighbors on our walk around the neighborhood, they could not believe he was dealing with a terminal illness. I sometimes forgot, too, and thought Dylan would be the one that beat the odds. Sadly, it was not to be and Dylan died six years to the very day I brought him home.

It is not the purpose of Dylan’s story to look backwards, but rather to relay the miraculous events since Dylan passed over. But, the one thing that must be said for background is that I have lived with dogs in my family all of my life; most of the time multiple dogs at once. I was in my mid fifties when I brought Dylan home and he changed my life. With his unconditional love, his playful and joyful outlook, his courage and determination, he taught me not to waste a moment. He taught me to be present and aware so as not to miss all the wonder around each of us every day. And, most of all, he taught me that love is stronger than death.

I knew early on in our time together that Dylan was “the dog of my lifetime.” It was only after he passed over that I fully understood just how right I was!

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  1. Judy Helms Says:

    I had the pleasure and the blessing of knowing Dylan. He indeed was special from the start. And the bond was immediate with Dylan and Donna. I accompanied Donna to NY – to help her choose her new puppy…but Dylan chose Donna from the very beginning…On the ride home…being a pet lover myself – I kept trying to convince Dylan to share my seat…He chose instead to ride on the console (when he was not laying on his back in the backseat) with his head or paw on Donna’s leg. When the cancer came in Dylan’s path…I prayed hard and asked others to pray also…and when it looked like the disease was winning…I had to accept -healing was coming from the other side. Little did I know what our Lord had in store for us that were blessed by Dylan ..and others that never had even met this great “dog”. He gave his heart freely – so I am trying hard not to be shocked – every time one my best friends – finds a heart – from her best friend!

  2. Rain H. Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful comments that add more sweetness to an already loving and inspiring story.

  3. Robin Thomas Says:

    I am blessed to call Donna my best friend and to have had the privilege
    of knowing and loving Dylan. He brought so much joy to everyone who knew him. He loved everyone, but his heart belonged to Donna. We would all be well served to live our lives as he did…. Loving unconditionally and living in the moment.

  4. Rain H. Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Robin. Yes, that’s a very wise way to live life…. Dylan is a wonderful teacher for us all.
    Kind regards,

  5. Rain H. Says:

    Here’s a comment received by email:
    Lovely story/post. Thanks for sharing and again confirming for me that animals are little messengers of light (and delight). D’Anne

  6. Rain H. Says:

    So glad you’re enjoying this story, D’Anne. There are two more posts forthcoming, each building on the next. So stay tuned. This is a really neat story!
    Wishing you many blessings,

  7. Rain H. Says:

    Here’s another comment received via email:
    From Loree: Thank you for your wonderful blog.

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