Animal Communication 101


Animal Communication 101: Dialing A Direct Call To Animals

By Eve Haslam

"If we could talk to the animals, just imagine it…chatting to a chimp in chimpanzee…Imagine talking to a tiger, chatting to a cheetah…what a neat achievement that would be!"  Theme from Dr. Doolittle

After spending multiple years in animal rescue work and always living with animals, I have a very strong love and respect for them. It was only when I lost Willow, a very frightened dog whom I was fostering, that I came upon the world of animal communication.

As the hours became desperate, it was recommended I speak with a woman on the opposite coast, who could help me find Willow. Ten days later, in the cold days and nights of November, I got the call from a neighboring state that a dog, named Willow, was alive and hungry. Willow and I reunited that evening and we were both changed forever.

I had such great success with finding Willow, while she was almost two hundred miles away, that I recommended this channel for others that would call me in great distress over their lost pet. More readily I would recommend to those who were open to it, talking to a communicator for their pet’s issues around health and behavior. To this day I have not been able to understand it, but I continue to witness success after success and revel in the relationship transformations between animals and their humans.

There are many forms of communication. Marine animals communicate underwater by sound beyond the limits of human hearing. Schools of fish move and change direction simultaneously, presumably cued by signals. Flying bats are guided by their heightened sense of hearing. Some distinguish between poisonous and nonpoisonous prey by using sensors on their mouths. Then there’s the famous “Lessons from Geese”. As one professor at Cornell University says, “Some psychic researchers theorize that senses such as these may once have existed in humans, only to be submerged somehow in the evolutionary process. Perhaps, they say, people with apparent psychic powers are merely tapping into once-used but long-forgotten abilities."

Talking and listening to animals requires love and the ability to listen, in which meditation techniques teach on how to quiet the mental chatter. The goal being to get out of the usual left brain (logic) and into the right brain (intuitive). Professional communicators say that animals are constantly talking to us, constantly sending us messages - but we humans block them by not listening. The two most important things are to SEND LOVE, and to LISTEN. Anyone can communicate with animals; it just starts by opening up the heart.

From Asheville, Rain Hummingbird has been talking, listening and helping thousands of animals and humans for years. Recently, I had the privilege of speaking with Rain in the hopes that I could really become enlightened on how this works. The result left me more fascinated and I have since felt a deepened and closer bond with my dogs.

Grandly positioned off the paved country road sits a charming white house like a mini-estate beyond the green, calling in the onlookers only to find a home replete with love. And yet while Rain and I bantered about semantics over tea, on what the meaning “arrived” means in one’s life – I can guarantee to anyone who has not YET met Rain Hummingbird, that she has organically and beautifully arrived in her life, and this world, with pure grace and humility.

Without a concern in the world beyond her love and attentiveness to where and what her four-leggeds might be doing, she beams with joy and radiates love. Her shiny sculpted blonde hair envelopes her fragile hummingbird-like features, while her big-blue-eye-gaze pierces your heart. She invokes excitement to be alive and wisdom all at once with a presence that is brilliantly bright, light, articulate and wise.

How did you get the name Rain Hummingbird?

Hmmmm. Well, the Rain part is actually a name I chose when I was 16 years old. The Hummingbird part came about after my divorce. I found myself not wanting to take my maiden name nor the married name. So, I prayed about it and listened for a sign. Shortly thereafter, a hummingbird flew up to me nose to nose and just hung there in the air. That same day, following her consult with me my friend called and said “I don’t know why I am calling you but I just saw a hummingbird and thought of you!”. Then yet again, on that same day, another hummingbird visited me up close and personally – that’s when I knew! To me hummingbird is about joy, beauty and drinking in the nectar of life…and sharing this with people is what I feel my whole life purpose has always been about; I am naturally joyful!

Rain, please describe a little bit about where you come from.

I married young in my early twenties and have always lived in Connecticut until I moved here to Asheville a few years ago. My career was in sales and marketing and while it will always be a part of my make-up, I have carried a yearning voice inside me, which I am now being true to. Animal communication is my life’s work. It is ever-expanding and moving forward.

Has science and/or religion played a significant role in your life?

I was raised in a traditional Christian religion. I have had a lot of tragedy in my life; I wasn’t born into the Waltons. I relied on my inner strength, what later became my knowing of Spirit. For me, I always had an early discernment for knowing what is truth – information vs. truth or knowledge vs. wisdom. There is a lot in Native American teachings that really resonate with me. Ultimately I can say that there is no separation and we are all one, in all-ways, we are connected. It’s in those moments when I am walking in the woods and a sunbeam comes through the trees and I step into it (tearing up) and I just have to pause…I cannot take another step. How can that not be God? That fills me up. Even as I proceed in the mundane world like washing dishes, I realize that every moment is an opportunity to step into that sunbeam.

When you say "animal communication" - exactly what do you mean?

Animal communication is the process of telepathically transmitting and receiving messages with an animal - feeling, seeing, sensing what the animal is experiencing. Tuning into a particular animal is like dialing the phone to call someone—they pick up and we introduce ourselves. (Chuckling)

Describe the first time you heard an animal talking to you.

I suppose my more pronounced memory was when I was about five years old. I lived in the city and seeing nature was not the norm. I saw a squirrel and began calling it to me (not verbally) and it kept coming to me…and as it stopped about 6 inches from me and held eye contact, I suddenly thought, “what do I do now?” I know there were other times when I spoke with the ants, birds, and other animals. But I always felt incredibly drawn to cats. Friends would just start calling me with animal companion issues…and I had no idea I was actually doing animal communication, but I would always have an answer. In fact, I recall the nicest compliment in my life being, “If I could reincarnate into anything in my next life, it would be as one of your cats.”

When someone goes to a doctor and decides they want a second opinion, a patient either hears the same thing or something entirely different. How does it work with animal communicators, when someone goes to two different communicators, are they going to relay the same thing? In other words, isn’t this simply interpreting?

Actually it is best NOT to interpret the information. It’s best to receive what’s coming through clearly and transmit it cleanly, purely. Certainly the communicator does not want to interpret by guessing ‘what does this mean?’ or by embellishing. In other words, the communicator is not saying ‘I think….’ But rather, ‘what’s coming through is…’ This is part of the integrity of the translator, by being clean and clear.

So, what is it that you are hearing or are you seeing things when you are talking to a dog, or an ant - I mean what could a wasp possibly have to say?

You’d be surprised. (Laughter) I generally deal with domestic animals such as cats, dogs, horses, llamas, etc. But on occasion I will get a call about the rattlesnake that lives under the house or the bees that will not go away. As for how, and it is different for every communicator, more often than not I feel the emotion. If a cat is ill or in pain or really tired, I will feel that and then describe that to the human.

Isn’t that interpreting what you are feeling?

No. I am not adding to anything. For example, I would relay that what I am picking up is that “Fluffy feels really tired.” Sometimes, I will actually see a word. I mean this is relatively easy and we all have the ability to be telepathic. I always encourage people, now more than ever, to tap into telepathy by honing their intuition. Animals are so compassionate; they are so loving. They never give me information that their human is not ready to hear, and I trust that.

So would you compare this to being a translator for say, the United Nations?

Probably not! (Bellowing laughter) The way I describe telepathy is more like, you are thinking about a friend, and then all the sudden the phone rings and it’s them. It’s happening all the time. It’s that little voice that says, ‘turn left here’, or ‘better bring the umbrella today’ (even though the sky is clear). It’s that inner knowing that the more you trust, the more it comes to you. I also call this listening to Spirit – that’s really what I am doing. There is a Native American expression, “being the hollow bone” and I am the hollow bone to do Spirit’s work.

Did you ever take any form of education once you realized this was your life purpose?

Yes. I studied with Penelope Smith. She is recognized as the pioneer of animal communication. She introduced it to people about 30 years ago. Most animal communicators have either studied with her or under someone who has. It was soon after my work with her when I had a series of very powerful – burning bush – experiences with animals that defined my arrival as an animal communicator.

So - are the animals constantly talking to you such as at a dog park or Petsmart? Do you constantly hear the chatter of animals?

No. I am not hearing the constant chatter like Mel Gibson in the movie “What Women Want”. Occasionally an animal will come to me, especially from the wild. But I have to tap in and I choose only do so with permission from the human. It really is like dialing a phone number to make the connection, calling the animal, tuning into their energy, introducing myself and then they give me a clear indicator that I’ve gotten them.

Every animal communicator has a certain area of expertise. Mine is to connect with the animal and the human at the soul level. Animals are always teaching and healing us. They are in our lives exactly as we need them to be in that moment.

What are some of the most common things animals tell you?

I guess one thing I hear often is how much they love their humans. But more often, each time I communicate with an animal it is like the exhilaration of meeting a new person, and having no idea of what it’s going to be like…it’s like this with every animal.

Do rescued animals actually relay the "abused" accounts and details of their tragic past when they come into the care of a rescuer/foster/adopted family? Do they hold on to these traumas?

I have communicated with a number of animals who’ve come from an abusive or very tragic start to their life. Animals usually don’t want to relive or relay the trauma details to their human. I offer Reiki to animals that can and want to benefit this way. Again, every animal is different. Each animal-soul knows what they need for healing and it’s in the consultation that the opportunity to know what these options are that can be revealed. The healing is actually initiated when a consultation takes place…this I trust to be true.

What do you say to the skeptics who think that you are guessing?

Not a word. It’s ok that they don’t believe that an ant has something to say to them. I am not here to change anyone’s mind. There is no judgment in what I do and in turn I do not try to convince another to believe what I know. I have never been uncomfortable with who I am and how others view me in the world.

What is the most important aspect of what you do and what do you get out of it?

I am always so grateful after every consultation that I had an opportunity to do this work. I have tremendous gratitude that I was able to be there for that healing. I get everything out of it! Joy, healing, wonderment…I am healed in the process of doing this work for others. I do not know how to describe it, but when I open my eyes after doing a reading, everything is brighter, crisper.

I have to say that while I know I am sensitive to my animals, working with animal communicators has only deepened my relationship and understanding of my dogs over the years.

Yes. It’s the humans who typically want to know what the level of their soul connection is with their animal, who are drawn to me.

Does the soul of an animal return to a person more than once in a lifetime?

Yes. It’s been my experience that this can occur sometimes.

Would you say an animal co-creates their experience with humans? If so, what could be the highest benefit of this?

Yes. I did a reading that was the most difficult I had ever done. A person came to me who knew I specialized in connecting with the soul level of animal-human relationships and for this reason alone, needed some answers. They rescued a kitten in China whose legs were chopped off. And while there was a lot more detail to this consultation, and the life of this kitty ended up very happy and healthy without legs, its message to me had a deeper meaning. This kitten told me that the suffering he had endured was to raise the human consciousness of spiritual evolution. Soon to follow, this event was in the news.

What would you like to pass on to others in this world about animal communication?

I would pass on a message that came to me by a very special soul, since which has truly humbled me. At the end of each day ask yourself, “Have you loved well today?”

Telephone consultations by Rain Hummingbird are available nationally and internationally. To learn more, contact Rain.