Meet Rain Hummingbird Rain Hummingbird, Animal Communicator

By Ariel Bouvier of Villager Voice

Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with Rain and discussing her interesting and inspiring work as an animal communicator. She is dedicated to helping people deepen their connection and understanding of their animal companions. She experiences life head on with love, respect, kindness, patience, and compassion. If we had more people like Rain in the world it would be a brighter, happier place. So open your heart and mind and get ready to meet Rain.

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communication, in essence, is telepathic communication with an animal. Telepathy is the ability to transmit and receive messages through thoughts, feelings, images, or sensations. All beings have the ability to communicate with one another this way. An example of telepathy that most people can relate to is: youʼre thinking about a friend and then suddenly they call you. You have connected telepathically with one another person by transmitting a thought or feeling and they have received and responded to that signal and message.

In a consultation, which are conducted over the phone, I connect with my clientʼs animal and relay their messages. Usually, people come to me because they have a particular concern about their animal. It could be a behavior issue, an illness, perhaps an upcoming move or household change, or a whole host of other reasons. My clients usually have specific questions they would like to ask their animals. My role in a consultation is similar to being a translator. I receive and transmit each otherʼs messages in ways that each of them can understand, thereby facilitating two-way communication for them. I can feel what the animal feels and then express that emotion to my client. Information often comes through visually as well, and I will describe what is being shown. So, in a consultation, both the person and the animal are able to understand one anotherʼs feelings, thoughts and points of view. Itʼs really just like having a conversation with your animal. Anyone can communicate with animals. I sometimes use the analogy of weight lifting. If you want a strong bicep, then you have to curl weights. Well, if you want to communicate with animals, then it is as simple as opening your heart and mind, trusting and honoring your intuition, and then practicing. A lot of people who come to me for a consultation are already communicating with their animals. They just donʼt know they are. When I relay the information their animal has sent to me, some clients will say they “had a feeling” that this is what was going on. Well, that feeling is intuition and that is the process of receiving information telepathically.

How did you get into this field?

Looking back now, I can see how I have been moving in this direction my whole life and that doing animal communication is an innate part of who I am. I have always had a strong intuitive nature and I have been blessed to co-exist with some amazing animals that have helped me to understand the depth of their being and the nature of love.

As a young adult, friends often called me for advice about their catsʼ behavior or well being. Although, I was not knowledgeable in the field of animal communication at that time, I knew that my connection with animals was somehow different than the way most people experienced them. I was able to sense what was happening with their animal and provide them with helpful information.

In the 1990s, I heard about Penelope Smith, the pioneer of animal communication. I read her books, attended a workshop and was very drawn to this work. I took more advanced training with Penelope and then worked with a mentor, offering my services complimentary to clients until I felt ready to do the work professionally.

Another important aspect of how this work unfolded for me is that part of my spiritual practice for that past few decades has been rooted in Native American traditions, which are inherently honoring of all life, including animals. So, I am naturally drawn to animals and understanding them as sentient beings. I love my work! It is such a joy to help others make a deeper connection and have a greater understanding of their animal companions. It also helps me understand the meaning of my own life and why I am here. I feel completely blessed to be of service in this way.

What is your first memory of communicating telepathically with animals?

I was young, probably five or six years old. I was sitting on the steps outside and noticed a squirrel. He was just looking at me and then I started to get a sensation, a feeling of him. Without any kind of coaxing or movement, I just sent out a message from my heart asking him to come closer. And he did, little by little, until he was within inches of me. At that point, I did not know what to do and I felt a little scared and I broke the connection, at which point he scurried away. But, I knew something wonderful had just happened. So, I tried making connections with other critters, like ants or whatever I happened to see in the yard. I knew I was feeling them. The sensations were not mine. I knew I had connected with those animals in a deep way. It would be several years before I was able to have my own animal companions. But, when I did, I just felt their essence at such a deep level. I have no words to describe the joy I felt; only that it was incredible.

What has been the most interesting experience you have had when working with a client?

Every consultation is unique and so are my clients, human and animal. I get a lot of calls for things like litter box issues, animals not getting along in a household, behavior concerns, or people wanting to understand what their animalʼs wishes are when they have been diagnosed with an illness. It is always an honor and privilege to facilitate communication between my clients and their animals, regardless of the situation.

One of the most interesting communications I have done was with a rattlesnake. This client lives in a rural area and I had done several consultations for her with her dog and cats in the past. One day she called because a rattlesnake was under her porch. So, I connected with the snake, asked why it was there and would it be willing to leave. The snake relayed a very deep, soulful message to my client, which I do not feel comfortable disclosing because it was very personal for her. But, once my client acknowledged the information and thanked the snake for delivering the message, the snake went away. It was pretty neat and it gave this client a deeper understanding that all creatures have something to teach us.

Another type of consultation that I feel very drawn to facilitating for clients is the deeper, spiritual connection of why their particular animal has come into their lives. Animals can be wonderful teachers for us and when a client is open to exploring this with their animal, their lives are often enriched by gaining a greater understanding of their animal and themselves. This, inevitably, enhances the bond that they share with their animal.

Putter, one of the dogs Rain Hummingbird communicated withWhat types of animals currently share your space?

I am grateful to share my home with two beautiful cats: Panther and Merlin. Panther is all black, and looks like a miniature panther. He is like a shaman; full of wisdom and healing. His nature is ancient like the mountains and he often accompanies me when I do consultations. He is quiet and purposeful and he loves to be in the room when I do distance Reiki healing energy for clients. Merlin is a big tiger kitty. He is like a zen master who does these incredible kitty-yoga poses. He sleeps on his back revealing his big Buddha-belly and his sweet, funny nature is endearing. Heʼs very affectionate and he loves everyone.

Up until a few weeks ago, I was also blessed to live with my beloved dog, Syra, She passed away but she continues to be with me in spirit. I am most grateful for our time together and that I continue to feel her presence very close to me now.

What one thing would you tell pet owners never to do when communicating with their pet?

Having the opportunity to communicate with an animal is a gift. It is a privilege that should be approached with honor and respect. The best way to communicate with an animal is open heartedly. I encourage people to release all thoughts, ideas and any judgments they may have about what any animal may be like or what an animal communication experience could encompass.

A good way to prepare for communicating with an animal is to start by being grounded and centered, then open your heart and ask your animal companionʼs permission to connect with them. Most animals are thrilled when their person asks to communicate with them. Trust what comes and recognize that it takes some practice to become proficient.

I would like to add at this point, that there is a responsibility and ethics that accompanies this work. I only connect with an animal when I am invited to do so. It is great if you want to connect and communicate with your own animals. However, this is not something that should be done with other peopleʼs animals unless they have asked for your assistance or you have requested the personʼs permission and it has been granted. Also, the issue of confidentiality is very important. Peopleʼs privacy and animalʼs privacy should be honored and respected.

As you explore animal communication, I encourage you to be gentle with yourself. Like anything else that may be new to you, animal communication takes some time and practice. You may find it helpful to read books about this or take a workshop. If you are considering pursuing this as a profession, I encourage you to work with a mentor. Most of all, enjoy the process and be grateful for the beauty of your connection with your beloved animal. Have fun!

What do you consider the best way to deal with the loss of a pet?

Losing a beloved animal companion is difficult and sometimes devastating for people. My suggestion is to honor your grief. There are many different stages of grief, and I am not an expert on any of them. What I do know is that it is beneficial to allow yourself to have your feelings and release them in a healthy way. We each grieve in our own way, in our own time and it can be very different with the loss of one animal or another. Be gentle with yourself. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people and take time to nurture yourself during the healing process. If the grief feels overwhelming, consider getting some help. If feelings of guilt arise, I suggest being compassionate with yourself. Release those thoughts and trust that whatever happened was meant to be for a reason. Animals are so in tune with us. They know how much you loved them. I also encourage people to be grateful. Feeling gratitude for the love you shared and the time you had together is an important part of the healing. Know that both of your lives were enriched by the connection you shared with one another. Most importantly, love yourself. I like to suggest this to people: love yourself the way your animal companion loved you.

What is one thing that most people do not know about you?

What comes to mind is that, over the years, I have noticed that some clients think that my life must be easy, or as close to perfect as is humanly possible, because I do this work and have a strong spiritual practice. I am not sure why some people have that impression of me. But, I can assure you that I am not exempt from any of the life lessons, pain, growth opportunities or day-to-day tasks of being human. My life is very rich and full but I certainly have challenges and heartache too. It has taken me decades to be who I am today. I worry less, trust more, need less, and am grateful more often than I ever have been in my life. But, sometimes I forget and then I have to remember that the challenge before me is an opportunity intended to help me move forward in my spiritual growth. Feeling grateful is the fastest way I have found to shift energy from pain to joy, or at least acceptance. This is very much a journey, not a destination.

Happiness is a choice; it didnʼt just happen for me. I have had to create peace in my life and I continually work at it. My hope for others is that they will remember who they are and feel peace and joy in their lives. Animal communication is but one way to help us connect with the Divine and remember that we are all connected. For me, animal communication is just an easy way to be in a state of joy.

My Communication with Putter

I scheduled a session with Rain to see what was on Putterʼs mind. Here are a few things he communicated to me:

  • He likes excitement and gatherings with a lot of people.
  • He likes a lot of activity.
  • He sees his mission in life as helping people develop a sense of lightness and not worry so much.
  • He wants people to always have a sense of joy with his presence and he wants to comfort them.
  • And he told me I needed to slow down.

According to Rain he is:

  • Very bright.
  • Likes to be challenged with games.
  • Is all about joy.
  • Extremely playful.

To schedule an animial communication phone consultation, contact Rain.