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What Is Reiki and How Does It Heal

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient energy healing art that gently yet powerfully helps to restore wholeness, harmony and balance on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

The word Reiki means “Universal Life Energy”. Its origins date back thousands of years to ancient Tibet and later Japan. It was brought to the West in the latter part of the 19th century and is now widely practiced.

Reiki naturally flows to the source where it is needed most. A Reiki practitioner does not direct the energy. Rather, they have learned to be a conduit for this higher energy, allowing it to flow through them and radiate out through the hands.

Reiki is deeply relaxing; it calms and soothes people and animals to enhance wellbeing. Reiki gently opens and clears energy blockages to balance, harmonize and replenish energy allowing healing on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — all of which are interconnected in the healing process.

Reiki deeply relaxes the body providing relief from stress and physical discomfort to promote recovery. The heart centered focus of this gentle and soothing healing energy helps release challenging feelings for a more harmonious state of being. Reiki also helps calm the mind allowing thoughts and perspectives to shift thereby restoring peace and presence. Reiki connects us spiritually with the Divine, in whatever form that is for each individual, providing a higher level of self-awareness to support personal growth and transformation.

I love my work and am honored to be of service offering Reiki healing energy sessions for people and their animal companions. I have been practicing energy healing work for over four decades and have been a Reiki Master for more than 15 years. Please read on for more information about distance Reiki healing sessions for people and animals.

Reiki is generally used as a complimentary therapy and is not a substitute for medical or veterinary care. My services do not diagnose nor prescribe under any circumstances.

Intuitively Guided Distance Reiki Sessions

“Compassion, Love, and Integrity are just a few of the experiences I had with Rain as she used Reiki to assist me in my physical recovery of a concussion and the emotional recovery of a very heavy heart. Immediately, I felt wrapped up and warmed up by such pure and loving Spirit, that I was able to relax my head and heart enough to rest deeply and then let go and release all the stuck emotions that kept me gripped in pain and sorrow. The tears came and with them the headaches and other painful symptoms of my concussion, as well as the heaviness of my heart, were washed away. This is the direct result of Rain’s willingness to humble herself enough to be a clear and direct channel for Spirit to come through and create sweet healing. Thank you, Rain, for doing your work with such honor, respect, and courage. My gratitude for your work is great, and I am sure that anyone else who is willing to open themselves up to the opportunity will have gratitude just as deep as mine.”

LW—Vancouver, WA

Experience a sense of deep relaxation and renewed wellbeing. The beauty of Reiki is that it is a soothing and effective healing energy that can be transmitted long distance to support wellbeing and promote healing on all levels wherever you are located. I offer distance Reiki healing energy sessions for people and animals.

For distance Reiki sessions for people, we will schedule an appointment. At the time of our appointment, we will begin by talking on the phone briefly to discuss any particular areas of healing you would like the session to be focused on. Then, you simply lay down in a quiet and comfortable location in the comfort of your own home while the Reiki healing energy is being sent to you. Since all of my work is spiritually and intuitively guided, I often receive information during distance Reiki sessions. You are welcome to call me after your session or I will send an email to you to share the insights and guidance that came through during your Reiki session.

New clients sometimes wonder how a distance Reiki session will feel. Clients have said that they were amazed by how beautiful the energy felt in a distance session, how deeply relaxed they felt afterward, and how grateful and appreciative they felt for the insights shared with them after the session. Here are just a few comments clients have shared about their distance Reiki experience with me:

“This was a real eye opener… I felt the love and light being showered on me…”

 “It’s hard to describe the sense of peace that has filled me since the Reiki with you…”

“I felt renewed. I feel a huge sense of relief inside of me, like I can finally really let down my guard and relax. I can’t quite explain how much better I feel almost immediately. I am so grateful for your wisdom, our beautiful healing conversation and the amazing gift of your Reiki. Thank you so much!!”

“I felt such a sense of relief to finally recognize the truth of who I am…. I definitely felt the healing as it occurred… I couldn’t have asked for more….”

To view more client comments, please visit the What Clients Say page

I would be happy to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about distance Reiki sessions. Please contact me for more information or to schedule a Reiki session.

Distance Reiki session: $135
To pay for a Reiki session, please go to the Rates page.

Please see the information below for information about distance Reiki sessions for animals.

Reiki for Animals

Animals are highly receptive to the soothing and calming effects of Reiki. Distance Reiki healing energy sessions are available at any time for your animal companions and are appropriate for any reason. Clients often consider Reiki for their animals to augment medical procedures, pre-surgical and post-surgical, as well as for promoting healing for injuries or illness, chronic conditions, emotional outbursts, trauma, anxiety, disharmony in the household, adoption of a rescue animal, supporting aging animal companions, end of life and transition, and for many other reasons.

Once a Reiki session has been completed for your animal companion, I will send an email to let you know that the Reiki session has been done and to share any information or insights that may have come through during the session.

Here are some comments clients have shared after their animal companion received Reiki with me:

Rain has been doing Reiki sessions for my sweet cat, Bartley, for many years now. He was diagnosed with a progressive heart condition…. The Reiki sessions have been very beneficial to his health. His condition has remained stable for the last 10 years. He is relaxed and blissful after his session and I love the greater messages and peace that come from the sessions.

“Wow, I am so so grateful for your incredible description of the [first] Reiki session for [my dog]. It sounds like it was absolutely beautiful and I am so happy he was surrounded by so much love and cushioning calm…. I wasn’t expecting such a beautiful account of the session and I really feel it is a blessing from you. Thank you….. he calmly got in his crate last night, and didn’t cry or bark at all….
[Subsequent session] Oh what a comfort these emails have been for me… Thank you, thank you. I really appreciate all of your care, compassion and kindness. It has been a huge comfort to me.”

“Thank you for your thoughtful notes. I cried when I read them last night. Luna is a different being this morning. I am in awe of the peaceful feeling in the house… Great gratitude and love to you for the work you do and who you are.”

“Thank You, Rain! It was evident that she had energy work, as she was out and about and eating at her snack time, which had gone away in the last couple of weeks. Much Gratitude to and for you!”  

“The sessions are so beautiful! I just smile and glow with happiness reading about them… I find him to be much more snuggly. He seems better able to “count to 10″ before just reacting to something. I feel so much happiness and literally have tears of joy for his long overdue renewal”

“I can’t express how grateful I am for your help. I really believe the Reiki has been the primary factor – like 90% – of the healing process…”

“Thank you so much for the Reiki session for Mac, your beautiful account of the session and your kind words to us. I’m just so lucky I found you all those years ago…. you’re such a blessing to us all.”

“As usual, I am speechless. How powerful and beautiful!”

“I must say, the magic just kept going yesterday. I’m sending these pictures to show you how the three of them were so harmonious. Also, Gabrielle climbed into my lap, licked my hand, and allowed me to pet her. She was just so happy and relaxed and more engaged with me. She still is.”

 “Thank you! …He seems calmer and more confident…. And this afternoon he managed severe storms very well. He is sleeping better overall, too. It’s a remarkable difference.”

“… It seems that it was quite powerful and I rejoice in the healing he is feeling. I believe the combination of the Reiki and the flower essences have enabled him to heal enough to be calmer than in the past. We haven’t had a dog fight in over a week now…. Our family’s dynamic is becoming more relaxed and fun again…. I appreciate more than I can possibly express the help you’ve given us….”

Rain’s beautiful, gentle energy is clear and powerful. She has worked miracles of healing for our rescued pets. I was on the bed a few feet from one of my cats one day when Rain started a Reiki healing session for her. I did not know when Rain would be connecting to my cat. But Wow, when a deep healing light penetrated me for a few moments, I knew immediately what it was.

To view more client comments, please visit the What Clients Say page

Please contact me for more information or to schedule a Reiki session.

Distance Reiki session for animals: $78
Ongoing Reiki sessions (weekly or bi-weekly) for animals: $270 for four scheduled sessions

To pay for a Reiki session, please go to the Rates page.

Reiki Training

Learn Reiki to enhance wellbeing and promote healing for yourself, others, animal companions, or for use in other ways. I offer individual training for Reiki Levels I, II and Master Level. Please contact me to discuss further or to schedule an appointment.