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Have you ever wondered what your animal companion was trying to tell you? A consultation can help you understand your animal and enhance your relationship.

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Do you have a favorite story about your animal? Perhaps a cute video, helpful tip or suggestion, maybe a favorite rescue story? Please send them to me to share with other animal lovers who read my blog and newsletters. Send a photo of your animal to include too!

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Spring 2011 Newsletter

A Kitten's Perspective, Serenity, and Tips for Holiday Safety

In This Issue:

A Kitten's Perspective of Life
Wisdom of Trees - Serenity for the Holidays
Holiday & Winter Safety Tips for Your Animals
Have A Tip or Story to Share?
Upcoming in 2012
Learn About Animal Medicine
Having A Bad Hare Day?

A Kitten's Perspective of Life


Dear Friends,

About a month ago, my sister adopted a kitten. Her name is now Freya. While visiting them last weekend, I found myself running around their home playing hide and seek, laying on my belly on the floor relishing a tender moment of paw-in-hand, whirling a fish toy on a string in the air laughing hysterically as Freya jumped like a pogo stick to catch it, and playing 'find the mousie' under the covers (I was reminded it's best to have ample blankets when playing this game since little claws pouncing through sheets scratch skin). In addition to our play time, it was so sweet to hold her tiny furry body, feel her abundant warmth and absorb the soothing vibration of her motorboat purring full throttle.

To Freya, the world is a wonderous adventure to explore with curiosity and gusto. Spending time with her was a great reminder to view the world with wide-eyed innocence, curiosity and wonder. I highly recommend looking at life's situations from this vantage point. The new ideas and possibilities that become clear can be pretty amazing.

Wishing you joy and many blessings,




Wisdom of Trees - Serenity for the Holidays


As I drove through the Avenue of the Giants, a redwood forest in northern California, this summer, a wave of deep peace permeated every cell of my being. I felt rightly small; no ego present, just peace.

Although there have been times when I have received messages from nature spirits, my connection with these Tree Beings was an energetic communion of love. No specific messages per se. Simply serenity. A very powerful experience indeed. 

Like animal communication, communicating with nature is a way of deepening our understanding of all life and of recognizing the Spirit in All that Is. At this time of year when many folks are scurrying about, often in get-it-done mode, consider taking some quiet time to BE in nature. It may be a wonderful opportunity to rejuvinate your BEing and move through this holiday with serenity. 


Holiday & Winter Safety Tips for Your Animals

Wagon with dogs With lots of food, decorations, visitors and icy weather this time of year, it's important to keep your critters safe so that all can have a happy holiday season. Here are a few tips and reminders to help:

  • Poinsettas, while beautiful, are toxic to dogs and cats.
  • Tinsel on trees is a tempting toy, especially for young animals. If swallowed, however, tinsel can cause serious internal injuries.
  • Chocolate, a holiday favorite for people, is toxic to dogs. Read this article for more details. 
  • Dogs are attracted to the taste of antifreeze. If consumed, the results may be fatal. Stow contaners out of reach and check vehicles to ensure there are no leaks.
  • Products that melt ice on walkways and driveways irritate paws and if licked can injure animals. Choose a safe alternative available at many healthy food stores or online.
  • Check with your vet for a change in hours of operation over the holidays. It's always a good idea to have an emergency animal hospital phone number programmed in your cell phone, just in case.
  • While some animals may love the extra visitors to their home this holiday, some may not. Commotion and loud noises can be very disturbing to some animals. Consider creating a safe, quiet area or room where animals can retreat to if they need a place of refuge.
  • Wishing you and your human and animal family a safe and happy holiday!



Have A Tip or Story to Share?

Dog with glasses

Do you have a favorite story about your animal? Perhaps a cute video, helpful tip or suggestion, maybe a favorite rescue story? Please send them to me to share with other animal lovers who read my blog and newsletters. Send a photo of your animal to include too!


Upcoming in 2012

Animals sleepingAnimal Communication Series

I will be publishng a FREE series on my blog in 2012 on How To Communicate with Animals. Each post will offer helpful tips and techniques. To sign up, click here.

Workshop in April 2012

Learn To Communicate with Animals. This workshop will be offered in April as a teleclass, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. Details will be announced in early 2012 so stay tuned. To see what you will learn in this course, click here

In-Person Consultations at Camp Unleashed in May 2012

Take your dog on a weekend retreat to the mountains of Asheville, NC and schedule an in-person consultation with me. For more details, click here

A Birthday Gift for You

In 2012, you will receive a special birthday gift from me. Details will be announced in January so look for that upcoming email.


Learn About Animal Medicine

SwanI have been publishing a series of articles on my blog about "Animal Medicine" and the healing aspects of creatures great and small. If you'd like to learn more about this, please sign up for my blog by clicking here.

 Recent articles include:

  • An Introduction To the Healing Messages from Animals
  • Message from Eagle
  • Message from Hummingbird
  • How You Can Communicate with Animals
  • Message from Tiger


Having A Bad Hare Day?

Rabbit/hare I just couldn't resist this little pun ;-).

What a cutie... and such a froo-froo hair-do too.


Hope this photo brings a smile to your face.