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Spring 2011 Newsletter

Animal Medicine: Don't Worry, Bee Happy!

In This Issue:
Happy Spring!
Don't Worry, Bee Happy!
Animal Medicine
Helpful Tips and Inspiration
And The Winner Is...

Happy Spring!


Dear Friends,

Happy Spring! All is green and lush here and the bees are abuzz to share their wisdom with you. May you feel that honey in your heart.

Wishing you joy and many blessings,



Don't Worry, Bee Happy!


One of many great joys of my work is witnessing my clients coming to trust their intuition more fully as well as deepening their connections with all beings. I received the following email from a client this week, the day after having had my own powerful encounter with a bee. This touched me deeply and the song, or in the words of the bees the “singsong", offers such insight and healing... it's good medicine. Tiara has been kind enough to allow me to share her message with you.

Dear Rain,

Today I sat down to order the flower essences that I will use to help clear the new house, release things with the old house, and to support us on our path in the next few months. I had made a note to find one that harmonizes with my one word mantra from our last consultation “Graceful." My husband added to get an essence that was “pure happiness"!

As I compiled my order, I wondered about the last items, graceful and happiness. I came upon the essence combination called “Don't Worry, Bee Happy" and giggled as I figured it sounds like pure happiness. Reading the description, I came to a singsong the bees asked to be included along with the essence. I immediately thought of you reminding us in the animal communication workshop that ALL animals, bugs included, have things to share with us! Here is your chuckle for the day.... all puns intended.

To our human brothers and sisters
Honey, bee
Honey, please, bee
Just bee.
The Happiness of Flowers, the Song of Flowers. We sing it.
We breathe it. We bee it. We be it.
This is our song, our hum, our buzz, our golden honey.
To bee is to be.
Not worlds apart. No difference. To bee is to be.
So Full. So Everything. So Sunshine. So Cloud bank.
So Warm. So True.
The Everything and the Nothing.
Don’t Worry, Bee Happy.
This being
Your beeing
is a Honeycomb
No more. No Less.
Honey, bee.

As I got ready to email the website link to you, I finished reading the essence description and right there was what I asked for---“Grace"!

“In every moment you are love in an ocean of divine love. There is nothing to worry about. You are safe and loved and perfection just as you are. No proof necessary. No action necessary. So much of human mind ideas about forgiveness veer off into ideas of proving something through a big gesture, a dramatic moment, an avowal that all is forgiven. In truth there need be nothing done and no words spoken. This is the nature of Grace. Yes, it is Grace we speak of here. We created this Essence to help you cut through the illusions that keep you from knowing this Grace. For so many of you it is earnest notions of being impossibly good that spin you away from ever experiencing your essential goodness. The Bees and all beings of Green Hope Farm invite you to rest in this vibration of “Don’t Worry- Bee Happy” so that you feel the happy joyful truth of being you."

It is as if someone took all the words of wisdom that my Guides have shared with me through you for the past year and condensed them into one paragraph. I can see how my earlier mantra of "I am enough, I have enough, I do enough" leads to “Graceful"--grace in action. The synchronicity of it all brings tears to my eyes. Oh how deeply we are loved and 'are' love, how carefully we are guided and protected...and how humbled I am to 'know' this at the very core of my being. Thank you Rain for helping me get here.

With love, Tiara

Singsong and essence description copied from Green Hope Farm website;click here to learn more about them.


Animal Medicine

Rabbit and deer together

I will be publishing an article on my blog in May discussing animal "medicine" and the healing aspects of creatures great and small. A story about a woman who used animal communication to find her lost dog is also upcoming. And there are many other stories and sharings in the hopper. If you'd like to follow my blog, click here.


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