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Wisdom From a Two-Year Old
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The Gentle Art of Blessing


Dear Friends, Happy New Year! Here is a link to a beautiful video on The Gentle Art of Blessing.

"To bless means to wish, unconditionally and from the deepest chamber of your heart, unrestricted good for others."

May your life be blessed in all ways and may you know that my life has been blessed because of you.

Love, Rain


Wisdom From a Two-Year Old

My Grandson

I recently visited my grandsons; the oldest will be two in a few months. There is such wisdom in the simplicity of his life at this age. I hope these highlights of what I observed from him inspire you:

  • Wake up slowly
  • Enjoy stretching your body
  • Smile in wonder at the sun, the rain and the snow
  • Ask for what you want; you just might get it
  • Savor delicious food and treats
  • Express yourself in your own unique way
  • Playing is fun and necessary
  • Let someone hold you when you have a boo-boo
  • Dance to the music
  • Explore new things
  • Help with the chores
  • Share what you have
  • Be kind to others
  • Kiss gently
  • Hug someone you love every chance you get
  • Rest when you're tired
  • Laugh a lot!


What is a Soul Journey?

Soul Journeys

I'm asked this question a lot: What is a Soul Journey? Well, it's a different experience for everyone. But, in essence, a soul journey in an intuitive consultation in which I connect with your Spiritual Guides and relay their insights and guidance to you. Questions regarding relationships, career, health, spiritual evolution and other issues can be addressed in a journey. Your Guides provide insights, sometimes revealing patterns, conditioning or perceived limitations, as well as offering wisdom and suggestions as to how you can create balance, integration and wholeness in your life. The loving guidance is intended to support you in accessing your highest potential and realizing your True Self.

We are all connected and yet we each have a unique path in life. There are times when we may feel confused or unsure about our direction. Often, these experiences are simply an opportunity to help us remember our Divine Essence and to remember that we are always supported by the Universe; God. I offer this work in an effort to assist and empower you in realizing your soul's purpose and to move forward in your spiritual evolution.

Journeys are digitally recorded and a CD is provided.

If you would like more information, or feel drawn to schedule a soul journey, please contact me at (828) 337-4686 or


Help Animals In Need

Help Animals in Need

The Animal Rescue Site provides money to rescued animals. The sponsors of the website pay for food and care and 100% goes to charity. You can help by visiting their site. It's FREE and it only takes 5 seconds. Please consider clicking on this link to help animlas in need. Thank you.


Contact and Services

Rain Hummingbird

Animal Communication:

Have you ever wondered what your animal companion was trying to tell you? A consultation can help you understand your animal and enhance your relationship.

Soul Journey:

Receive insights, guidance and healing directly from your Spiritual Guides in a Soul a bridge that connects you more deeply with your Divine Essence.


Experience the powerful and gentle healing energy of Reiki for yourself or your animal companion.

For more information, please go to my website:, call me at 828-337-4684, or send an email to


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