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What Clients Say

Rain’s work inspires people to share their experience of their Animal Communication, Soul Journey and Reiki sessions. For reviews of Workshops and Mentoring, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Animal Communication

“Rain saw into the hearts and souls of my dog and two cats and delivered their messages to me with the crystal clarity, compassion, directness, impeccability and love of a true healer. She also worked directly with them to create spiritual, emotional, and energetic healing creating much more spirited animals and a stronger bond between them and me.”

LA—Leicester, NC

“Since the time my dog was diagnosed with breast cancer, I have been able to understand what she wanted as a result of my consultations with Rain. This has helped me make important decisions regarding my dog’s health. Without Rain’s help, this would not have been possible. I have the utmost confidence in Rain’s ability to communicate with animals. She provides an immeasurable service to anyone with an animal. Her insight has been right all of the time and I have no doubt my dog is speaking to me when I have a session with Rain. A BIG thanks to you, Rain!”

DM—Portland, OR

“My husband and I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed our consultation with you. Being that it was our first time we didn’t know what to expect but, you made us comfortable and we cried a lot and you made us laugh too!! Our little bunny passing really devastated us. We felt it so deeply and when we got to communicate with him and know that he is still with us and loves us– that made us very happy. We just feel so connected to him and you were so accurate on everything you told us about him and his life with us. You have a special gift and we look forward to other consultations. Thanks Again.”

MM—Summerfield, NC

Soul Journey

“Each soul journey Rain has facilitated for me has given clear insights and guidance for my life and the questions posed, as well as needle point efficiency in suggested actions to be implemented in my every day existence. When I look back to the woman I was at the time I began working with Rain, I can hardly recognize myself; I was encumbered with obstacles and self imposed limitations. Rain’s soul journeys have been a tremendous help in freeing myself to move in directions I wanted to go. Her work has assisted me in realizing changes that have reshaped my world in magnificent ways.”

EM—Spring Creek, NC

Soul Journey (continued)

“Working with you gave me insights into myself that opened new doors for me. I have reconnected with who I truly am after many years. More importantly I have reconnected with my guides and higher self and am so grateful for the constant messages and guidance I receive for myself and others. At this pivotal time in the earth’s history we need our authentic selves to shine forth and create pathways of healing for ourselves and others. My journeys with you have helped me come to many realizations and amazing discoveries of the miracles and mysteries of my wonderful life.”

NS—Bangalore, India


“Compassion, Love, and Integrity are just a few of the experiences I had with Rain as she used Reiki to assist me in my physical recovery of a concussion and the emotional recovery of a very heavy heart. Immediately, I felt wrapped up and warmed up by such pure and loving Spirit, that I was able to relax my head and heart enough to rest deeply and then let go and release all the stuck emotions that kept me gripped in pain and sorrow. The tears came and with them the headaches and other painful symptoms of my concussion, as well as the heaviness of my heart, were washed away. This is the direct result of Rain’s willingness to humble herself enough to be a clear and direct channel for Spirit to come through and create sweet healing. Thank you, Rain, for doing your work with such honor, respect, and courage. My gratitude for your work is great, and I am sure that anyone else who is willing to open themselves up to the opportunity will have gratitude just as deep as mine.”

LW—Vancouver, WA

More of What Clients Say

“Rain’s beautiful, gentle energy is clear and powerful. She has worked miracles of healing for our rescued pets. I was on the bed a few feet from one of my cats one day when Rain started a Reiki healing session for her. I did not know when Rain would be connecting to my cat. But Wow, when a deep healing light penetrated me for a few moments, I knew immediately what it was. I have had the great pleasure of attending two Reiki training level I and II workshops she led a few years back, as well as a couple of her animal communication workshops. Just being in her gentle presence and pure energy is delightful and healing. During the Reiki classes, she created the perfect loving atmosphere for us to relax and tune into the Reiki Masters and receive their instruction and heart opening attunement. As you can see, I highly recommend Rain. If you live close enough to treat yourself to a hands-on Reiki session with her, make an appointment and enjoy!”

KH – Hayesville, NC

Rain’s ability to connect to the Universal Energy Source during a Reiki session is such a special gift and the healing energy and love that comes out of that connection is truly beautiful. The insights that come through are delivered with truth and compassion. Rain has been doing Reiki sessions for my sweet cat, Bartley, for many years now. He was diagnosed with a progressive heart condition and I wanted to make sure that his body and soul were being supported and comforted. The Reiki sessions have been very beneficial to his health and his condition has remained stable for the last 10 years. He is relaxed and blissful after his session and I love the greater messages and peace that come from the sessions. Over the years, Rain has also done Reiki sessions for several of our other animals. All of the Reiki sessions have been such an important part of our lives, giving love and support to our animal companions as well as to us.

MM – Reidsville, NC

“Rain is the REAL DEAL! I’ve had many animal communicators work with my dogs, and Rain was the first and only to really connect with my dogs on a soul level. She has provided both my dogs and I peace of mind. I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with a true animal lover and sincere person such
as Rain.”

LM—Plymouth, MN

“Dear Rain, I am so thankful my friend told me about you. Our session with you and our cats was so healing, amazing and helpful. I find myself communicating with all four of them on a daily basis. Our hearts are so much lighter about the death of our young cat after your telepathic messages from her…. I’ve shared your info with several friends. Thank you for your gift of communication with our furry family members.”

CT—Chapel Hill, NC

“Rain, thank you for the consultation today. I really appreciate you and your gift of communication and intuition. In the 8 months we’ve been talking I feel like you have greatly made an impact on my life, my dog Nani’s life, my spouse’s life through the both of us, and deepened the connection between my sister and I. For all that I am eternally grateful. It is a truly priceless gift. You go above and beyond what most people of your profession do. Thank you with love. “

TJ–Durham, NC

“Rain, you are incredibly talented! My dogs were both really happy and excited when we finished our animal communication with them. One of them immediately ran over to me and gave me lots of very enthusiastic kisses. All three of us were blessed by our time with you. Your work with us was insightful, compassionate, and inspirational. In addition to deepening my relationship with my dogs, my spiritual journey has profoundly expanded since our session. Thank you from the depths of my heart!”

TP—Chicago, IL

“I chose to experience the Soul Journey reading with Rain Hummingbird. It was truly a delightful experience. I was a little nervous but she made the whole experience very comforting. Hands down, working with Rain has been one of the best gifts I could have ever given myself. She is the real deal and knew things about me that no one did. She gave me practical advice on how I could heal myself of many of my own dis-ease. Because of my focus to apply her suggestions, I have never felt better. There are many spiritual teachers out there that claim to have the answers but are out to push their own agenda. Rain is nothing like that. She holds absolute care for your experience all for the greater good of what you, your loved ones or what your animals need. I can’t thank Rain enough for what this experience has shown me and supported me in my journey.”

WV—Greenville, SC

“Rain is incredible. She has done animal communication consultations and soul journeys for me and most recently, she did Reiki on my dog who needed surgery on both of her back legs. My dog is scared to death of the vet’s office but Rain did Reiki for her before she went to see the surgeon. Just a few minutes after getting into the exam room it was clear how well the Reiki worked. My dog laid down and went to SLEEP! while we talked to the doctor. She usually won’t even sit still, let alone go to sleep. Rain did Reiki once again the morning of her surgery. I was so scared that my dog was going to be very upset that morning but she laid quietly and calmly on the floor, glancing up at me sweetly every once in a while. It was such a relief to have her so calm. She would not have been that way if it had not been for the energy work Rain did. Rain really knows how to communicate and touch the animals she works with.”

BC-Asheville, NC

[This is a client comment from a soul journey consultation]
“Rain helped me so much with the pain around the death of my loved one. Hear her voice in the video and you will understand:”

SH-Black Mountain, NC

“I just wanted to say thanks for the soul journey last week. Just like you said it would, it’s become more and more clear each day since then. At the time, I thought it was “good.” Now I think it was GREAT. Little pieces keep falling into place. You used language that tapped into and resonated with my personal mythology and symbols, so it’s integrating really well. I’m sure there is still more to come. I haven’t even listened to the CD you sent yet, which I will do when the time feels right. I don’t know if you’re this spot-on with all your clients, but you sure were with me. I am really impressed, and grateful! I’m sure we will do it again. Thanks!”

BR–Arcadia, CA

“Just a little update on our communication session, Rain. If you recall, Ms. Kitty was urinating all over the house. We had confined her to the lower level and let her go outside when she wanted to. Last week I started letting her come upstairs since she hadn’t been misbehaving downstairs since our appointment. It seems that whatever you told her has worked. She’s been really good and seems extremely happy to be with the family again even sleeping with me at night. Thank you!”

CR–Hendersonville, NC

“Dear Rain, I want to express how meaningful it was to have you facilitate that conversation a few days before our kitty’s journey to the spirit world. We were both soothed knowing that he was ready to move on…. it was reassuring… and brought us a wave of peace. There is so much that we learned from this experience – about our cat, ourselves and about life and death. It has instilled a strength in us, a knowing that all is well and that life is benevolent. Although we cried like babies for several weeks, we felt and continue to feel, a constant sense of peace about this chapter of our lives. And our Minou continues to be our grand teacher of compassion, patience and joy. Thank you, Rain for bringing us even closer to our beloved friend and for contributing to that sense of peace. We are blessed to have you on this planet, sharing your essence in the work you do for peace and harmony between humans and our animal friends. Precious!”

SE—Asheville, NC

“Hi Rain, I wanted to update you on my babies. It was so great after talking to you. My connection to all my animals feels so much deeper. I trust my ability to connect with them much more. The rain and lots of work kept me from riding [my horse] for quite some time. I finally was able to ride him on Sunday. We had the best ride ever! [My dogs] and I have also been doing so great…. Finding a better balance and all. Thank you!”

WB — California

“Rain, thank you for our soul journey session yesterday. Just hearing what you shared with me opened my heart and shifted my perspective on what is possible. It also gave me the opportunity to see how – despite my often cheerful and optimistic attitude – that I am sometimes in a place of hopelessness and a “this is it” state of mind. After our session, I can FEEL the possibility that more is possible. Hard to put into words but sending many, many thankful wishes.”

LT–Groton, NY

“I just had the most amazing experience talking with Rain about our new cat. I had mundane questions about the food and general physical comform of our home. We not only got those answers with clarity but we learned so much more about ourselves. Rain communicated so deeply with our Cat friend, that we got amazing messages for our life. Our Cat offered to help us live more fully as humans! And Rain even shared something right at the beginning that totally made me giggle. I did not expect this at all when Rain mentioned that our Cat loves it when I sing to him. This really was so amazing that our Cat actually mentioned that, and this was such top secret info that only me, my husband and our Cat would know about! Rain also shared some simple techniques on how to communicate and listen to our Cat, which I used the next day and had great results. There was so much more in our hour long conversation and towards the end of the hour, I wanted to sign-up for another hour right away. There is so much that our animal friends want to tell us and they simply want to help us in so many ways. It is a real blessing to have Rain help to bridge the communication gap between us humans and the spirits embodied in animal bodies. Thank you so much Rain. It is a real pleasure and honor to be connected with you.”

SO, Asheville, NC

“Rain, I want to thank you for expert help in communicating with my beloved Westbrook. Your insight and your ability to give me messages from Westbrook were wonderful and very, very comforting. I can’t thank you enough. I needed so much to talk to Westbrook and to have some closure with him. He is always with me in spirit. Words are not enough to express my gratitude. I look forward to being in touch with you for my own Soul Journey. Namaste and bless you. “

DZ–Virginia Beach, VA

“Rain, How wonderful it was to be with you on the phone today. I somehow forgot that there was a telephone connecting us. I learned sooo much and you validated so many things for me about Kona and our life together. What matters so much is that it has ‘meaning’ and you helped me see that in soo many ways. And now I have so many new ideas to take forward. From my heart to yours, thank you. “

LT–Skyland, NC

“Rain is extraordinarily blessed in her ability to communicate with our beloved animal companions and she takes the ‘communicating’ to a much deeper, spiritual level than you might expect or even think possible. I consulted Rain about my dear kitty who had recently been diagnosed with mammary cancer. I was against putting her through any further treatment but needed to know how she felt about it. Rain’s communication with her and my cat’s response put my mind at ease and has brought me much peace. Rain then delved more deeply, into my cat’s purpose and work in this lifetime. How utterly amazing to learn how spiritually evolved she is and to glimpse what she and so many of our animal companions are involved in – it blew me away! Rain also did an incredible soul journey for me, connecting with my Spirit Guides to seek understanding about some health concerns that conventional medicines have not healed. Through her amazing abilities, Rain was able to intuit numerous alternative healing modalities, many of which I’ve been considering but have never acted upon. I most certainly will do so now! Additionally, I found the messages and validations from my Spirit Guides to be very comforting and motivating as well. I highly recommend a consultation with Rain to anyone looking for help and guidance for themselves or their dear animal companions. Rain’s loving, joyful, compassionate spirit is evident from the moment you meet her – in person or on the phone – I know you will be delighted with her!”

SC—Binghamton, NY

“Thank you so much for my incredible soul journey on Sunday. I knew it was going to be phenomenal but had no idea how much information I would receive and how relevant and spot on all of it would be. And while I’m finding myself scared and apprehensive I know that I will be able to do what I need to do to have the beautiful life I know I deserve. Thank you again. You truly have a talent.”

SC—Burlington, CT

“Our animals have benefited so much from their Reiki sessions with Rain. One of our cats has a heart condition and has regular Reiki sessions. We feel that by focusing positive energy towards him it has kept his blood circulating and his heart strong and healthy. Rain lets us know if he is not feeling up to par or if we need to focus more attention on his diet or exercise or just to give him a little extra love and attention. After he has had a Reiki session he is relaxed and blissful. Our little bunny has had several medical problems and surgeries in the last 6 months. Through Reiki sessions Rain has been able to calm his anxiety and fears and we believe that the positive energy from the Reiki helped him to bounce back amazingly fast after surgery. Even our vet was impressed with his progress. Rain is a very special person and she cares about each animal and it shows. We believe that our animals would not be as healthy or strong as they are today without the energy work that Rain does through Reiki. We are very grateful.”

JG&MM—Reidsville, NC

“There was a qualitative difference with my dog on the trail today. I didn’t do any of the healing work you suggested but it was actually happening and coming from you during the consult. There’s power in the work that you do with someone in a consult and with the animal. Even if all the “to do” things [presented in the consult] don’t actually get done, they are being done while the consult is happening. His heart was definitely open in a different way and it was neat to see. It was because of what you were doing in the call and because of who you are.”

Nancy Marsh—Drummond Island, MI (Nancy has been a professional animal communicator for over two decades.)

“Rain is incredible. She has done several consultations for me, both animal communication consultations and a soul journey. Initially she communicated with my horse who had started acting skittish. Rain said there were coyotes and a bear in the area. Boy, she was right on! Within a week I was told both had been sighted on the farm. Rain also told me the deeper meaning of why this horse came into my life. Sure enough within days there was evidence of this as well. Rain also communicated with my other animal companions and those consultations were really incredible. But when she did a soul journey for ME—the only word for it is AWESOME! I was given so much information about myself, my Spirit Guides, and the next steps of my life. Detailed information given to me during the journey began to manifest in the physical world within days—it was just the way she told me it would be. Rain has an incredible insight into what I like to call “the other dimension”. I would refer anyone to Rain who has an interest in knowing “more”. Her consultations are truly AWESOME!”

BC—Hendersonville, NC

“Rain has done animal communication consultations for me as well as a soul journey. It was amazing that soon after the consult with my dog, Smudge, he became more playful and out there. We often remark he has become a puppy again. He and I share a beautiful silent bond. Whenever our eyes suddenly meet, there is this transfer of love, respect and gratitude for being together. Thank you, Rain, for deepening our relationship and giving me a clearer perspective of the magnificence of this being. My dog Freckles and I have become inseparable in spirit. He is a tremendous source of joy and laughter for me. I think of him every time I feel sad, burdened, stressed and immediately I am smiling, carefree and filled with joie de vivre. I cannot begin to thank you enough for opening my eyes and heart to the preciousness of this unique animal friend I have. As for the soul journey: Rain you are incredible! The journey you took me on—the incredible gifts of knowledge and love offered to me by my guides—was life transforming. I feel a deep soul connection with you and the universe.”

PR—Bangalore, India

“When my cat was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism I knew that all of the options of treatment would be complicated by his existing health problems and his sensitivities. Not wanting to let my own emotions get in the way, I sought his input and cooperation via a consultation with Rain. She resolved the treatment choice quickly. Then Rain ventured further, leading me through a door to new worlds where I discovered things about my cat and our relationship with each other as well as about myself that I never would have known. It was the most enchanting experience and I will always be grateful to Rain for this
incredible gift.”

LG—New York, NY

“I had never worked with an intuitive that communicates with animals before my experience with Rain. My pets are so important to me; they are my friends, teachers, and more. Recent circumstances caused upheaval in my life and the life of my pets so I decided to get some insight. I cannot tell you how much Rain’s gift and skill helped me and in turn helped my pets and our family. I laughed and cried during our session. It was insightful to say the least. I could go on and on—try her and you will see what I mean!”

AG—Asheville, NC

“Rain helped me connect on a spiritual level with some animals that came into my life. This brought about great changes. It was quite a profound experience and there is such a sense of peace attached to this process for me. I really appreciated the directness of messages including the ones that recommended changes for those things that I wasn’t quite getting. This provided me with a truthful, valid viewpoint and an outline for positive change. The consult also helped me to further understand how our actions can affect so many, usually without our knowing. Rain was able to go so deeply into the Spirit World that I felt as if my Spirit Guides were actually in the room with me! And the messages from them were so affirming and empowering that I left the consultation quite on cloud nine–nourished, excited, peaceful and filled with Love and Light! Rain, I feel blessed to have had this time with you and thank you so much for your great gifts to this wonderful world of ours!”

KP—York, ME

“I appreciate the expanded awareness that Rain brought forward during our consultations; she revealed a much bigger picture. Rain’s ability to connect with the animals and to communicate their experiences has generated healing for all of us on many levels. Simple changes that were suggested and implemented have eliminated problems, making our lives in shared space more pleasant. Understanding the dynamics behind my animals’ behaviors has broadened my appreciation of the wonder of our existence as humans sharing this world with many diverse life forms. Each of these has a voice, and Rain’s ability to hear and speak those voices has given me a window to the gifts Creator gives us through the companionship of the animals with whom we share our lives. Thank you, Rain, for the Love, Light, and Laughter that your work has brought into my life with cats, dog, and chickens. I am grateful for your ability and willingness to do this animal communication work.”

EM—Hot Springs, NC

Workshops & Mentoring

“This course was absolutely wonderful! It not only helped build my confidence in my telepathic communication skills with animals but it also helped in my communication skills with other people. I loved learning about the compassionate observer and attentive listener. Rain’s energy was so kind and compassionate and she truly is gifted in interspecies communication….. my confidence increased tremendously which was my main hope!…. Everything was AMAZING!!!”

TS–Black Mountain, NC

“The course was very informative, fun, and helpful in learning to communicate with animals. Rain was supportive and lovingly encouraged us on our journey with centering meditations, lots of interactive exercises that promoted learning from one another, and time for questions and answers. She instilled confidence in the group, as we all have the ability to telepathically send and receive messages. I am grateful to have participated in a course that will deepen my relationship with animals…. It was heartwarming to know that the animals want to communicate with us. I am the student and the animals are my teacher.”

SF–Charleston, SC

“It was a safe space to learn and share new concepts. I expected a great learning experience and this course was even better… I was very happy to have an opportunity to send and receive communication with an animal that was immediately verifiable. What a great confidence boost!”

BR–Panama City, FL

“The Basic Animal Communication Course was very empowering and enlightening. It has changed the way I view all creatures in my daily life and brought me a sense of deep connectedness with every aspect of creation. I feel more grounded and capable of receiving messages. [The workshop] shined a light on my self doubts and allowed the voice inside of me to grow stronger. By honing in on my intuition and presence, I feel that I have the tools now to quiet my thoughts and allow animal messages to flow to me. By focusing on being grounded, present and accepting, Rain cultivated an environment where our intuition could flourish and we could tap into our innate telepathic abilities. I learned that most of what was holding me back was doubt, and it was such a joy to realize that animal communication was something I was capable of. I discovered many things not only about telepathy but about myself. I found that many of the things that were holding me back from communication were also holding me back from other aspects of my life. The workshop unlocked the childlike part of myself that looked at everything with new eyes. I got everything I wanted from this course, and more. I thought the course was a very interesting journey of discovery for self and the universe. I feel a renewed sense of curiosity for the mysteries that life has to offer. I found all material helpful and relevant. I think the order of the exercises helped build confidence in telepathic abilities. If you are on the fence about taking the course, sign up. If you keep an open mind and are patient with yourself, you will learn more than you can imagine.”

ML–Durham, NC

“I feel a stronger sense of trust in my abilities…I absolutely got what I hoped for and so much more….Excellent exercises which really opened up the channels for communication as well as being great personal skills…Rain, you are very good at holding space and teaching with respect and consideration for where each of us is on the path.”

BA–Hendersonville, NC

“This course was wonderful. You are so compassionate and caring with everyone. I received more than I could have hoped for. I realized that my way of communicating with animals or any being on the Earth is by being present. I do not hear voices or get pictures, etc. I just feel incredibly connected through being present. I feel them and separation drops away…. You have the most beautiful way of teaching and being with everyone. You are so generous with your information and your heart. This was a wonderful course. I learned that my gift is perfect for me and I don’t need to try to do something that someone else does. This really was such wonderful validation for me, as I am. Thank you so much Rain.”                                                                    

BE—Fairview, NC

“This course has been a significant turning point in my life…. I now realize how easy and accessible animal communication is for anyone who is open to the possibility… I realized how it is all inside us.”


“The course was wonderful. Your commitment to the animal world comes through in everything you do and say and it makes it a truly wondrous experience. Your meditations were gentle and loving and I felt completely encircled by your love and compassion.”

LF—Asheville, NC

“I loved this [Basic Animal Communication] course. I know how difficult it is to teach content that reaches beyond the concreteness of “ordinary” reality because it is easy for students to feel ungrounded and uncertain. Rain was an excellent instructor that allowed each of us to step into the “non-ordinary” or the unseen with confidence. She held each of us individually where we were and guided us through meaningful practices and activities. She celebrated us and was positive but not inauthentic. She allowed us time to ask questions and gave thoughtful, meaningful, multi-layered answers. I just fell in love with the animal nations in a new way and deepened in my appreciation of the greater web in which we all live connected. I have more confidence in listening to and speaking with the animals (and the plants). I think I cultivated more patience for myself and also opened a new layer of hearing the multi-voicedness of the animals. This course was so foundational and rich and honest and kind. It is so much more than an animal communication course, it is a personal growth experience and it was lovely to meet some new friends through the course as well.”

AKV — Hillsborough, NC

“I got more than I hoped for; relaxing and centering, approaching the animals with the utmost respect, sending and receiving….. this is so natural. You have taught me the technique and opened my world. It couldn’t have been more informative, thorough and helpful! And the exercises are invaluable. You radiate peace, love and respect for all life and for each of your clients. It is healing just to be connected with you.”

KH—Hayesville, NC

“I felt the [Advanced] workshop was awesome. The environment was extremely peaceful, inviting and energetically balanced. I felt Rain presented herself with great integrity and gratitude. She created a safe space for us to connect and experiment with our inner light. The workshop and experience as a whole was better than I hoped for. I found a sense of knowing myself better and found a deeper connection with my inner being. I found more understanding and importance of being present in the moment to receive wisdom and communications from the animals and all beings. The information was presented in a very soft yet clear way, very understandable and relatable to my journey. Rain’s gift of sharing and mentoring a person through the process of awakening to one’s inner self is amazing. She is able to guide you in a very conscious, loving, supportive way. I look forward to continuing on this journey and the possibilities of connecting with Rain again to further my understanding and abilities to communicate with the animals and nature spirits that surround us.”

SW—Asheville, NC

“The workshop was awesome! The info you provided was on point and direct. No frills were used to make someone confused; it was all very easy to understand and grasp. I loved the exercises! They sounded scary at first, but once we got into it, I was amazed at how easy it was to relax and allow. I really enjoyed myself, learned a lot, and feel more at ease doing animal communication.”

TJ–Raleigh, NC

“More than anything, I got validation [from the Basic Workshop], that at times in the past, the messages my dog was sending to me and that I received really were true. Now, I just receive the messages and embrace how lucky I am to be getting them. The discovery in one of the early classes, when we were actually sending and receiving telepathic messages to each other, was just so exciting. Sometimes you think you can do it, but this way you knew you could do it.”

DG–Greensboro, NC

“I so enjoyed the course…. It was everything that I was hoping for and more. I loved the format, the group and especially the exercises…. The biggest discovery is that animal communication is all about going with the flow – nothing can be forced. Also learning that the animals are overjoyed to communicate with us – I never really thought about that…. Thanks again for your awesome class!”

CH–Virginia Beach, VA

“I enjoyed the [Advanced] workshop immensely… I received more confidence in my ability to communicate with animals and nature… being able to share that kind of energy with a group was a wonderful environment in which to learn… Your willingness to answer any and all questions made the experience that much more valuable and helpful.”

DG–Greensboro, NC

“I loved how the [Basic} course gave me practical know-how and confidence to know I can do it. I discovered I am better at communicating with animals than I thought. I loved the sacred, safe, validating space that Rain created for us to play and gain confidence in!”

CB–Asheville, NC

“Very informative. The exercises were great. All the coaching was awesome!… Everything was cozy and comfortable for learning. I feel like I left with a gift…. I’m so glad I came.”


“Thank you so much for the phenomenal weekend you hosted. The [Advanced] workshop was a wonderful experience. I appreciated the supportive environment and exercises. You did an excellent job of establishing a setting that felt safe and trustworthy. The smallness of the group helped in that regard, too. … [I discovered] that doing animal communication can enhance my life and cultivate my spirituality. I also appreciated the reverence for Nature that you modeled. It was a joy to learn from you and from the other participants…a delightful group…a remarkable workshop….I sincerely hope to see and learn from you again”

C.C.-–Black Mountain, NC

“[The Advanced workshop] was very informative, relaxing yet challenging – in just the right sort of way. [I received] more self-confidence, more trust in my intuition, more inner peace, clarity. I got what I had hoped within the first few hours…the rest was just bonus.”

T.E.–Advance, NC

“The [Advanced] workshop was more than just a workshop to me, it was very healing. I learned so much and truly believe that the love I have inside my heart for our beautiful animal people is guiding me to do this. I discovered that in order to be able to have a clear and open channel, it does start with the person loving themselves and letting go of fear…[I learned] how to be still and feel connected to spirit and staying in that place.”

C.M.—Wilmington, NC

“The [Basic] workshop was calming; great activities to open and learn how to receive. Awesome connections made. Rain presented a welcoming and safe space to open your heart to connect with other sentient beings. I received knowledge to trust myself and the belief that it is possible. You’re awesome!””

JB — Thomson, GA

“I thought it was amazing the amount that we learned in only 4 sessions…. I feel like I have a whole new level of understanding and tools to use to improve my ability to communicate. I got much more than I expected… I would definitely recommend it to others.”

CG—Boston, MA

“Thank you so much for leading such a great animal communication workshop! I am very glad that I took this course. I feel like I have a better understanding of how to communicate with animals and what that communication feels like…. I feel like great effort was made to help the participants understand such an intangible topic. It is difficult to explain feelings and thoughts and this course dealt with these concepts in a very constructive way.”

MM—Bristow, VA

“Masterful, encouraging, and transformative. I furthered my ability [in the Advanced workshop] to prepare for and tune into a communication session. I profited from practicing the distinction between thinking and intuiting. I especially liked the opportunity to practice.”

CG—Boston, MA

“Extremely worthwhile course to begin the process of exploring the telepathic energy of animal communication taught by a caring, enthusiastic, intuitive professional spiritual woman.”

CC.—Asheville, NC