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Would you like to deepen your intuitive abilities, learn to communicate more deeply with your animal companions or journey for yourself?

In personalized one-on-one mentoring sessions designed to accommodate your needs, I work directly with you to assist you in deepening your intuitive abilities, whether specifically for animal communication, journeying, or other areas of intuitive development that you desire.

I will help you learn simple techniques that will enable you to become grounded and present, the first step for any kind of intuitive work. I will guide you through exercises that will allow you to receive and transmit messages clearly and accurately. Everyone has the ability to access their intuitive knowing. Mentoring is an opportunity to be assisted on that path and to help you come to know and trust the information you receive. I look forward to being of service to you and facilitating the expansion of your intuitive abilities. Please call me at 828-337-4686 or email me to discuss your needs further.

Mentoring sessions: One-on-one phone appointment; one hour session: $100

TeleClass: Learn to Communicate with Animals – Basic Level

Deepen Your Intuitive Abilities and Learn to Communicate with Animals

Next TeleClass: 6-hour Animal Communication TeleClass workshop scheduled in four 90-minute classes.

New Dates: New Dates to be Announced Soon.

Course Description

Telepathic Animal Communication is a natural way of communicating between all living beings…and everyone can learn how – all it takes is training and practice!

This class will teach you about the nature of intuition and telepathic communication, and key steps you can practice at home. Most of us who love animals are already experiencing this amazing connection with the animals in our lives, and we simply need to become aware and open our hearts to deeper understanding.

  • Learn how to quiet and focus your attention.
  • Practice opening the channel to transmit messages with animals and to receive what they communicate telepathically in thoughts, images, impressions, feelings, messages.
  • Discover blocks to communicating with animals and how to overcome them.
  • Enjoy exercises that open your heart, increase your awareness and understanding of animals and your receptivity to telepathic communication.
  • Learn how to experience animals’ perspectives, how you may have already communicated telepathically with animals, and how to expand on that.
  • Discover how nurturing a heart-centered connection can enhance your relationships with your animal companions, bringing clearer understanding about their needs, behaviors, wishes, humor, wisdom and purpose in our lives.

Experience what it is like to expand into an entirely new level of communicating with your animal friends. I invite you to open your heart and mind to this natural and intuitive connection! This class is appropriate for everyone ~ won’t you join us?

What is a TeleClass?

This is a live, interactive class conducted over the phone, on a conference line which enables you to learn from anywhere in the world without the cost and inconvenience of travel. Once you have registered for the class, you will receive an email confirmation with the TeleClass access codes and other pertinent details.

I am so excited to share this information with all animal lovers. For questions or more information, please contact me.

In-Person Workshop: Learn to Communicate with Animals – Advanced Level

This workshop is ideal for anyone who wishes to deepen and broaden their animal communication knowledge and experience as well as explore a deeper spiritual connection with nature. Relax and connect in this small, supportive group environment. Learn to strengthen and trust your intuitive knowing. Understand and shed misconceptions that can inhibit intuitive flow and expand your receptivity. Travel into realms often unnoticed by humans. Enhance your awareness and communion with all life and enjoy the beauty of this soulful connection.

Participation in this workshop requires a basic level of animal communication understanding and skill. Anyone who has taken my Learn To Communicate With Animals Workshop or mentored with me qualifies to participate in this workshop. Anyone who has taken a Basic Level Animal Communication Workshop with any other qualified animal communicator is also welcome to join. Others with interest, who have not taken an animal communication workshop, will be considered on an individual basis. Kindly contact me to discuss further.

Next workshop will be held in the Asheville, NC area. Dates to be announced soon. Please contact me with inquiries.

In-Person Workshop: Reiki I & II Training

Reiki is a gentle and powerful healing modality whose origins are thousands of years old. Reiki (pronounced ray-key) means Universal Life Energy and it helps the body relax, thereby allowing energy blockages to clear. Opening the flow of energy helps heal at all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Learn Reiki to enhance well-being and promote healing for yourself, others, animal companions, or in other ways.

Next Reiki Level I and II training workshops will be held in Asheville, NC. Please contact me with inquiries.

Individual private training is also available at any time. Please contact me to discuss further or to schedule an appointment.

In-Person Workshop: Reiki Master Level Training

Reiki Master Level training is offered in both group workshops and individual private training. Please contact me to discuss further or to schedule an appointment.

In-Person Workshop: Journeying with Animals

Shamanic Journeying allows us to more deeply explore our spiritual communion with animals by enabling us to:

  • Relax and travel into realms that honor the Spirit of all Life
  • Open up to the wisdom and healing available to us
  • Receive messages and teachings from the Masters – the animals themselves
  • Increase our awareness and consciousness of other species and
  • Enjoy the beauty and bliss of communing with the animals in a deep and soulful manner.

Gathering together in a small group, I will guide you through the Shamanic Journeying process. Everyone will have an opportunity to connect with a Power Animal and much more. There will be ample time for journaling and sharing your experiences.

This workshop is ideal for those who treasure the path of interspecies communication and wish to explore Shamanic Journeying as a resource to help broaden and deepen their experience with animals.

Next class will be held in Asheville NC and will be scheduled soon. Please contact me with inquiries.

In-Person Events

Cactus Flower Equestrian Center: Thomson GA: In-person Animal Communication Workshop, June 2016, at this family-owned and operated equine center offering training and boarding in an animal and human friendly environment.

Asheville Angel Pets Conference: Animal companion end-of-life care and decision-making & caregiver support conference. April 26, 2014.

Camp Unleashed: In-person animal communication consultations at Camp Unleashed, a camp that provides a peaceful spot where the spirits of dogs and their people can soar, heal, relax, and learn in Asheville, NC; September 2010, May 2011, September 2011 and 2012.

Mother Tree: In-person consultations at Mother Tree, a women’s holistic spiritual center in Bangalore, India; August/September 2008.